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The Paedophile Agenda
TheFuelProject | 3.VIII.2018

5:08 There is a fault of connection in this campaign text.

  • 1) Homosexuality was NOT regarded as normal all over Greece. Aristotle considered it against nature and gave a list of how different states (city states) handled the question. Only Corinth thought it was quite all right - and they were a merchant city. Athens had paederasty - considered as OK as long as the lover didn't touch the beloved sexually and as shameful if he did. Sparta had homosexual couples of same age as basis of the army - but this was JUST for Spartans and JUST a way to make the army more efficient, and both the lovers had regularly to withdraw from each other to their wives. AND, many other Doric states, like Crete, simply had death penalty for homosexuality. Paederastic or not.
  • 2) Anything moderns would have labelled as "paedophilia" outside this, i e an older man with a very young woman was, however, considered as perfectly normal, as long as she was old enough. The age limits were 14 / 12.

So, a girl of 12 marries a man of 14 ... modern world goes "how could they afford it". And answer is often "rich parents" and sometimes "low expectations in income anyway".

A girl of 12 marries a man of 60 instead ... modern world goes "no, it's so gross" - but she will be a fairly young, still attractive widow, and second marriages are allowed in Christianity - not after divorce, but after widowhood and widowerhood.

BOTH the pro-campaign AND what seems as your anti-campaign (dragging Jeremy Forest into what you are attacking) are doing meaning and grammar and logic a very great disservice by equating "girl of 12 marries man of 60" with paederasty of Corinthians.

That was probably the age relation (more or less) between the Blessed Virgin and St Joseph.

One more thing - Christianity probably contributed to respecting the 14 / 12 age limits, since they coincided with the Davidic ones. Pagans actually, a bit like Tibetans and Muslims, got under that.

A girl can/could marry, then:

  • if Roman Christian at 12
  • if Tibetan at 11
  • if Roman Pagan at 10 (yes, there are tombstones saying so)
  • if Muslim at 9 or perhaps even 8.

This should be considered a separate question to the NAMBLA one.

(And Tibetans, Roman Pagans, Muslims are/were wrong, but that is not as wrong as paederasty or any other kind of homosexuality.)

7:49 "pedophilia can be" ... in fact so many different things that the term is meaningless.

A term where ritual sexual abuse of babies is as much a possible interpretation as going somewhat "Muslim" on matrimonial age issues or not even that (in Sweden, pedophilia is considered attraction to persons under 15 - due to legal reasons, that being the age of consent - if it is exclusive, if over 15 is a turnoff, which it isn't to me), well, such a term is useless.

Or worse, it has a bad use, of confusing issues, if it is done deliberately.

As I just commented on the TED talk a bit before that, Jonas can be attracted to girls of 12, my proposed solution for him is, he should be allowed to marry one, and let's hope the attraction outlasts her 13th birthday.

If the comment where I discussed Jonas was deleted by TheFuelProject, this shows TheFuelProject is fulfilling St Paul's prophecy to St. Timothy and "forbidding marriage" because adhering to the doctrine of evil spirits. It is evil to stamp a person who is not just in puberty but who is so normally rather than precociously as a "child". It contributes to delayed marriages and to abortions in case of teen pregnancies.

In that comment, I also referred to my mother and her interest in Judaica, despite not being of Talmudic confession.

She told me without any shame or rejection, Jews used to have 12 and now have 13 as matrimonial age (she was not referring to Israeli legislation, that is another and modern thing).

The horror for "pedophilia" is a modern and recent thing. It is younger than my mother.

dialogue (starting with two words, may be prolonged)

Peter O
Mr Vladimir Putin and 99% of Russian people would not like this mental know it makes sense.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
In the case of young girls marrying, they are wrong in "not liking" it or calling it mental sickness.

They are using Commie indoctrination after Communism was supposed to be already gone.

It was Vladimir I, Lenin, who raised the marriage age in Russia to 18 for both sexes. If Vladimir II sticks to that, he is as much an Antichrist if not worse as Vladimir I.

alan mcnew
I'm an American and I feel that all pedophiles should be drug out in the street and shot.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
What type of "pedophiles"?

I saw a video in which a newly wed couple or a couple going to a wedding, she twelve, he senior, were attacked as "pedophiles" - that is, he was, but she was suffering too.

They are the probable age relation of St Mary and St Joseph at the first Christmas.

Would you have drug out St Joseph on the street and shot him? I think Herod could have used you.

alan mcnew
Hans do you think pedophilia is OK?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
alan, which definition of "pedophilia" are you asking about?

Raping babies? No, I don't think that is OK. I think it is a heinous crime.

NAMBLA? No, I think it is as bad as other homosexuality with some extra badness.

Muhammed marrying Aisha when she was 9? Not quite OK. While Aisha may have had her menses, that was unusually early.

Going under a current age limit, but not under 14 / 12 and without homosexuality? Yes, OK.

What I do not think is OK either (on top of the ones I did not find OK, which was most), is lumping all of these together, bc some shrink decided they should be same diagnosis.

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