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And Others Are Also Wrong on Babel and on Flood

Some Are Wrong on Babel · And Others Are Also Wrong on Babel and on Flood · Extracting a Dialogue from Previous

Origins: Noah’s Flood Genetics
Cornerstone Television Network | 5.I.2017

3:17 Noah born about Anno Mundi 1056? More like 1642 ... - as you know, I go by LXX in Genesis chronology.

3:48 Rephrase : how many would have been on Earth after 2242 years?

6:23 Flood was nearly 5000 years ago, 2957 BC, btw.

Dee Lee
[to first of above]
Making Noah 14 years old at the time of the flood, and the father of 3 sons!

Hans-Georg Lundahl
No, since Flood was Anno Mundi 2242.

6:00 I'd like to know : are the Denisovan traits still available in mankind compatible with the Neanderthal traits - or do we need to think of one N and one D trait as having, for instance, a different chromosome 18 or a different chromosome 4?

In the former case, the Denisovan and Neanderthal traits could come from same daughter in law of Noah, in the latter case, from two different ones at least.

7:35 Peleg was born 401 after Flood (in the version of LXX available to St Jerome), I'd say, which fits nicely with Babel ending 395 after Flood, and the linguistic and ethnic break up still going on six years later, when Peleg was born ...

(With a second Cainan, "normal" LXX versions would have him born 529 after Flood).

8:20 While the population could have grown much faster, I think there could be something amiss in how you explain the slowing down.

This based on my stats from Middle Ages.

You are omitting social factors which impede men from marrying and getting babies, bc they are socially not allowed to be breadwinners.

Note, people both died younger and were less well documented in early AD centuries than in the Middle Ages.

(Or the Imperial families studied for early AD centuries are less representative, since many Emperors were killed).

9:44 I see you take a "long stay in Egypt" approach.

That might fit ill with the 14 generations from Abraham to David in St Matthew's Gospel.

However, while 215 years in Egypt is about standard both Roman and Greek chronologies, a Syrian one (diocese of Antioch, where St Peter went between Jerusalem and Rome) actually also has a long stay and agrees with you.

10:22 ah - even after 215 years - fine!

Btw, I saw the charts involved small or short child spacing = no contraception.

12:46 "yeah, there are some ancient bones we found - great, but those are post-Flood people"

I'd say some were pre-Flood.

Pure Denisovan, pure Neanderthal, anything not predominantly Cro-Magnon, and some of the Cro-Magnon too.

Sethites as in Noah's line, 10 generations from Adam, and Cainites as in Noema's, Madame Ham's line, 7 or 8 generations from Adam, well, those would both be Cro-Magnon, and some in the Cainite lineage would have some darker skin.

Kush was named after that trait, this would have been the original nickname of for instance Jubal, who, in Sanskrit is later known as Krishna ... I am speaking of the human carreer, not about the divine claim Hindoos make for him.

But in Romania you have found two brothers, half Cro-Magnon and half Neanderthal - they would have been pre-Flood.

Neanderthal extinction = 40,000 to 35,000 BP, sth.
Denisovan extinction = 40,000 to 35,000 BP, sth.
Flores hobbit extinction maybe 40,000 BP, sth.

These being carbon dates.

I see a pattern, and it says "40 000 BP or 38 000 BC is the carbon date for the Flood year".

Note, men that were dated by Potassium Argon in lava above or below them can of course be considered as undated.

13:36 In fact, there is a more recent male ancestor of all men than Adam : Noah.

It is Noah who is "Y chromosome Adam". And Neanderthals NOT having Y chromosomes so explainable is one indication they were pre-Flood, as not descending from Noah.

Even if one of his daughters in law partly descended from them.

There are TWO possible explanations of why Neanderthals and Denisovans are so much more different genetically than post-Flood men from each other:

  • more generations between Adam and Flood
  • OR some angelic or other bad meddling with genome.

If Svante Pääbo said, he was surprised, Neanderthal mitochondrial DNA is not very close to "Homo sapiens" (or Sethites, as we would call them), but midway between man and chimp ... I wonder whether some transhumanism in the pre-Flood world tried to mix man with chimp.

13:50 Mitochondrial Eve would, considering Neanderthal's also be much more recent than Eve.

15:31 I think you are putting Tower of Babel too far back in archaeology. Before (parts of) Palaeolithic.

Genesis 10:32 By these were the nations divided on the earth after the flood.

Genesis 11:9 and from thence the Lord scattered them abroad upon the face of all countries.

It would be possible that this is not the same event, and that the former preceeds Upper Palaeolithic.

Even if for instance Basques came to their place directly after the Flood, some people came there after them (Gomerites from Babel).

I think Tower of Babel was in the Neolithic = Göbekli Tepe.

(Btw, some other Evangelicals go to another extreme, and put ToB too late in archaeology, to make it fit Babylonian / Sumerian Ziggurat history - no, the Ziggurat of Ur has been built by a man already speaking Sumerian as a post-Babel language).

20:26 "if Noah and his family are all closely related to each other"

I think Noah wanted to preserve Cainite lineage for future city building (Noema being Mrs Ham), and some Neanderthal lineage for immediate post-Flood use of "stone age" or Gilligan's Island survival skills.

If you knew you were going to Gilligan's Island, wouldn't it be great to bring along at least one Red Injun?

22:57 You are forgetting, most mutations are functionally irrelevant.

In flus, such would be pragmatically and circumstantially benign : since a mutation makes it less likely for a virus to get detected as such by the human immune system.

23:22 Virus are not biologically alive, and the extinction of a strand in 2009 would more probably be due to its being a strand which was narrow enough to actually end by the human immune system killing it off (along with some help by vaccinations, I presume).

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Stupid. The DNA is set and will not change. Skin colour is one example. "Mutations" will not bring about the characteristic differences we see in races today. Not everyone came from Adam and Eve.

Viking Knight
how much less chance then we all came from a rock or a puddle of mud(primordial soup) & w/ your way of thinking speciation even not possible which evolutionist try to say is evidence for evolution, though it's just "selecting" from existing DNA & limits(not expands) the DNA Pool which BTW is what cause our races hmmm, I guess either way, Evolution's not happening. & you can bet your soul Abiogenesis didn't either

Hans-Georg Lundahl
"Skin colour is one example."

In fact, the gradations of skin colours can be explained by greater concentration of one or other allele on a gene (or multiply by more genes) involved with skin melanin production.

And the one with less melanin is a mutation, a bit like bleaders' disease.

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