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On Possibility of Ongoing C14 Increase, as per Morris et al.

Quora : Is carbon-14 still increasing in the atmosphere?

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Edgar Korteweg,
studied Chemistry at University of Groningen
Answered Jul 4
yes sure thing

since the magnetic fielsd of earth is declining over time. and there has never been an equilibrium reached. that is why C14 dating is very unreliable.

to reach an equilibrium it would take about 30.000 years. and the fact that C14 has not reached am equilibrium shows us that earths age has not reached 30.000 yrs. which matches the biblical age of the earth.

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Hans-Georg Lundahl
This is an answer I have heard from other Creationists, but being one myself and more exposed to adversaries, I had to check this matter closely.

If carbon 14 started building up around the Flood, with the present input (equal over time to decay), we would now be at 45 pmC, and carbon level growing.

However, this would have certain by-effects, such as taking the 45 pmC for 100 pmC, but also inability to get a consistent halflife from there, and all halflives gotten from comparing objects with known age over last 2000 years with typical carbon 14 remains would give very much shorter halflives than the actual one, plus, as said, not one like the other.

I wondered if the “higher input than output” has to do with the Libby halflife, but probably the Cambridge halflife would make it worse if so.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Just now
Mathematical details on previous reasoning:

Examinons une hypothèse qui se trouve contrefactuelle un peu de près

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