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Three Secret Societies and Catholicism their Enemy Misrepresented

Refuting Gene Kim on Slow Apostasy and Perhaps More · What About Bad Popes? · McCullough on France · Three Secret Societies and Catholicism their Enemy Misrepresented

Top 5 Most Mysterious and Powerful Secret Societies
Origins Explained | 25.V.2016

Notice, I have very little to say about Skull and Bones or Bilderbergs.

0:58 "oldest and largest"?

As in 1717 is older than "fama fraternitatis"? First printed edition 1614?

No, don't think so, Rosicrucians may be smaller, but they are older.

1:29 No, freemasons are not the unlocal guilds known as free masons.

Freemasonry is not operative masonry. Freemasonry is not Medieval.

Operative masonry was fully accepted by the Catholic Church. While freemasonry took on some of their ritual, it's not the same fraternity, it changed meaning and therefore identity drastically when first accepted masons need not be stone masons, second these could involve Rosicrucians and third in 1717 confessionality was replaced by "the religion in which all honourable men agree".

2:31 1738 is not "a long time ago" historically speaking. It is, by the way 21 years after 1717.

Clement XII was not the first to forbid masonry, this had already been done ... "So war die Maurerei in Neapel 1731, in Polen 1734, in Holland 1735, in Frankreich 1737, in Genf, in Hamburg, in Schweden und von Kaiser Karl VI. in den österreichischen Niederlanden 1738 sowie in Florenz 1739 untersagt." - and untersagt means forbidden.

Also, the problem was not their ambition of providing education, it was providing education of a certain type - unconfessional, sharply critical of monarchic and Catholic status quo (Lutheran too in Sweden and Hamburg, Calvinist too in "Genf"=Geneva, even Netherlands with mixed confessionality were against it).


German wiki

enumerates five points given by Pope Clement XII:

Der Anstoß an der religiösen Toleranz der Freimaurerei, der die Aufnahme von „Menschen aller Religionen und Sekten“ erlaubte;
The impetus to religious tolerance of Freemasonry which permitted reception of "people of all religions and sects"

Das unverbrüchliche Stillschweigen;
The strict secrecy

Dass diese geheime Gesellschaft die Ruhe des Gemeinwesens störe;
This secret society disturbs the peace of the society.

Dass die Freimaurerei der Häresie verdächtigt sei und
Freemasonry is suspect of heresy (later, when more of its doctrine was known, arguably not just suspicion)

„aus anderen der Kirche bekannten, gerechten Ursachen“
from other just reasons, known to the Church.

Providing knowledge is not one of these five. Did the presenter or journalist simply accept the Mason's version of what In eminenti apostolatus specula was?

7:36 - The image shown id definitely NOT Christian Rosencreutz.

1) Christian Rosencreutz is very arguably a fiction by a Calvinist clergyman:

2) if real, in 1614 he would not have been wearing what looks like clothes from 1750.

8:25 No, Medieval Europeans did not despise Medicine, specifically Medicine of the Moors, and did also not consider bathing an act of heresy.

AND they didn't burn people before asking questions either. Before they burnt anyone, they certainly HAD asked questions.

So, the knowledge they couldn't handle is simply Anti-Catholic propaganda.

And the guys who consider Francis Bacon wrote Shakespear's works are guys who think riches make you talented and poverty stupid.

Which is not the case.

AMORC claim Napoleon was serving as a Rosicrucian ceremonial master.

AMORC is a recent sect within Rosicrucianism. It started 1909.

That Disney belonged to it is possible, but as far as I know speculation.

It is very possible the Rosicrucian claim of secretly knowing better than Catholics has been operative in certain Evangelical retellings of Church History with Culdees operating as "a secret society". They were simply Irish type monks.

13:35 You really suck at accuracy about Catholics.

Several Popes have spoken out against Masons, the one you showed was Clement XII, who died in 1740.

He can hardly have disbanded anything or anyone in 1776. Or after that.

"Im selben Jahr erklärte auch Papst Pius VI. in zwei Briefen (vom 18. Juni und 12. November) an den Bischof von Freising die Mitgliedschaft im Orden als unvereinbar mit dem katholischen Glauben."

So, it was Pius VI who reacted against them from papacy, that is the Pope who was imprisoned by Napoleon.

So if Napoleon was a Rosicrucian fighting Illuminati and if Pius VI also fought them, why did Napoleon imprison him?

Here is Pius VI:

Btw, the year was 1785.

As for me, I think Illuminati got a hype by Dan Brown's Angels and Demons.

I also think, unlike Christianity, such things can be totally absent and come back and fulfil their mission (stated as revenge on Catholicism in the novel).

I also think, much of what has been attributed to Illuminati really is about other groups, like a certain culture current among Rotschilds and Rockefellers (respectively of Jewish and Calvinist origin) and among non-Catholic near-Abrahamic (most would say Abrahamic) confessions.

Plus some Evangelicals started demonising certain entertainment industries as not just sinful in typical output, but also entirely controlled by them. Their hype of the John Todd "testimony" (which included accusations against CSL, dead since 1963, and JRRT, dying when John Todd came out or dead, not sure about exact month of John Todd accusing these two).

Note, Dan Brown in 2000, in Angels and Demons, painted Illuminati as basically benevolent, but capable of great cruelty in their hatred of Catholicism.

It came obviously before certain events claimed to have been arranged by Illuminati, so he could be responsible, with Jack Chick / John Todd, for painting a devil on the wall ... and there may be people who dream of entering that role, who have been or will be inspired by this.

To return to Dan Brown, his depiction of their revenge is inconsistent : one moment the Assassin is portrayed as lamenting Crusaders trampling on "our gods" (polytheism) and another he is portrayed as an Arab (Islam).

Good apologetics

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@MrAnonimak Thank you, that is my ambition.

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