Tuesday, July 28, 2020

"Bishop Barron on Vatican II"

What Is Your Opinion on Catholic Traditionalism? — Bishop Barron on Vatican II
Bishop Robert Barron | 22.VII.2020

0:14 You claim to stand by the II Vatican Council.

Dei Verbum, § 3:

"3. God, who through the Word creates all things (see John 1:3) and keeps them in existence, gives men an enduring witness to Himself in created realities (see Rom. 1:19-20). Planning to make known the way of heavenly salvation, He went further and from the start manifested Himself to our first parents. Then after their fall His promise of redemption aroused in them the hope of being saved (see Gen. 3:15) and from that time on He ceaselessly kept the human race in His care, to give eternal life to those who perseveringly do good in search of salvation (see Rom. 2:6-7). Then, at the time He had appointed He called Abraham in order to make of him a great nation (see Gen. 12:2). Through the patriarchs, and after them through Moses and the prophets, He taught this people to acknowledge Himself the one living and true God, provident father and just judge, and to wait for the Savior promised by Him, and in this manner prepared the way for the Gospel down through the centuries."

This is obviously Young Earth Creationism.

Putting tens of thousands of years of a gap between Adam and Abraham doesn't fit with "and from that time on He ceaselessly kept the human race in His care".

At the utmost, like Vigouroux a little more than a century ago, you could put large time eras into the creation days up to creation of man. NOT after them (Vigouroux considered that from Adam on, LXX chronology would suffice to account for archaeological discoveries).

So, on Christmas, are you saying "in the 5 thousandth 199th year after the beginning, when God created Heaven and Earth" or are you saying sth else, like "unknown ages"?



1:00 Are you suggesting, one is a dead animal, if one is a Young Earth Creationist?

I think this team - unfortunately Protestants to this day, but that shouldn't bother an ecumenist like you? - would disagree:


1:49 "there are things in any culture that are problematic"

Like unproven but supra-touted evolution from LUCA over millions and billions of years?

Not very likely to admit every man on earth today descends from an Adam alive 7200 (+) to 6300 (-) years ago ... for instance. You are aware pre-adamism is condemned, right? Jews can claim Adam was the first Jew, and Genesis 1 involves the creation of other men never put into Eden, never meant for Paradise, but we can't.

2:42 "... and knows how to survive, the Church of ... John Paul II"

Perhaps a bit too aware on how to avoid ridicule in certain quarters too? If ridicule killed, you recall that "God of the Christians" with a head of a jackass on it?

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