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David Wood on Hating Cops

Why Some People Hate Cops (An Ex-Con Explains)
Acts17Apologetics | 24.VI.2020

His five types of CO (Correction Officer):

  • type 1 doesn't care much, obeys the orders to get his pay check
  • type 2 wants to be popular
  • type 3 cares and thinks being nice will do a difference for the better
  • type 4 cares and thinks being strict will make a difference for the better
  • type 5 gets a kick out of abusing his power.

7:30 Suppose someone legally went out of prison after serving two thirds (physically went out from a transfer to forensic psychiatry, but legally from a prison sentence), supposing the probation was supposed to last to 2006, and supposing in another country some people are acting like they need to keep him on probation still ... would you classify this as extreme type 4 CO?

Wait, would I perhaps have to reassess that as type 5?

27:00 How do you like this scenario.

Someone defends himself against a psychiatric assessment, shoots a police in the hip (1 dm long, max 1 cm deep, certainly hurtful), doesn't get sentenced to mental hospital AND in prison, in comes Muslim after Muslim, and when they are 3 plus an ex-Muslim on their side, they get the man to answer what he thinks about Mohammed.

The Coran is not the word of God.
Whose word is it?
The devil's ...

That's about one month before the rest of my sentence was transfer to forensic psychiatry.

29:24 I had a previous session where I saw up to 27 minutes in.

I went out begging.

AND, I saw, passing by my place:

  • one police car
  • one squad of military of the "plan Vigipirate"
  • one smaller group of Paris municipal security.

You are aware that Islamic Caliphates invented cops?

In Rome, Athens, Medieval Europe, arrests were citizens' arrests or by concerned parties.

In Arabic Nights [Arabian Nights], some tales seem to be totally fabulous, but of the realistic ones, those of Baghdad feature Harun ar Rashid as social worker, those from Cairo feature an ex-thief turned cop to catch thiefs.

34:14 "either been screwed or knows someone who has been screwed"

And God seeing that the wickedness of men was great on the earth, and that all the thought of their heart was bent upon evil at all times,

Does that mean everyone was screwing someone - or that everyone who wasn't, was thinking about such things, because he was forced to be concerned about the possibility of being screwed or the fact of already being so?

42:02 You have studied Islam, though.

I have a half memory from somewhere, where the Bible claims Christ is 72 from Adam (Lk 3), Muslims (outside Coran, perhaps a hadith) claims Mohammed was even closer, 39 from Adam - is this true?

Here is where I made a point about it:

Creation vs. Evolution : Muslims and my Creationism

44:32 I'm reminded of the SuperKasher shooter Coulibaly.

His wife went to Syria, and before that, her life in France had been a nightmare, one trip to CPS after another.

He may have done the shooting to pay her ticket to Syria.

49:27 Weeding out bad apples would be a challenge for ... Christ, at and after Harmageddon.

Your type 3 officer sometimes needs some back up from type 2 before getting a chance with certain prisoners.

Your type 4 officer facing some may need the help of a type 5.

Both need the help of a type 1 and obviously he is also useful to keep a balance between 3 and 4.

But one more - as people lie, how can one know for sure whether someone is even type 3 or type 5?

Victims of psychiatry know some people capable of sounding to others like type three, while they know the substance of it could as well come from a type 5. And weeding out type 5 may also mean weeding out type 4 ... especially inexperienced ones who don't know how to represent their case.

I was a teacher. I was trying to be type 3 verging on 2, but this was sabotaged by some. I was trying to be type 4 about those disruptive to lessons. This got painted first as type 5 and later as madness.

No, I don't think I would be a good teacher in public school system in or outside Sweden - I also don't think it should exist in its present shape, as compulsory for all.

49:42 You believe in personality tests?

I was born september 6 1968, at 18 - 18:15 in Vienna, look up my horoscope (I haven't, but can directly tell Virgo for sun and Pisces for ascendant), use that as a personality test if you like. Make sure I have no planet in scorpio and not Saturn in a place where it would be too harmful (Saturn is major misfortune, Mars minor misfortune).

That is about as much worth, perhaps even somewhat more, than personality tests.

If you think the Coran is bad (I'd agree), how aren't you sifting midge when it comes to DSMH? Overemphasis on mental illness is also a trait of - historic Caliphate. If you don't believe me, try recalling some things Nabeel said before converting, and then read Arabian Nights tale of he Talkative Barber!

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