Friday, July 3, 2020

A Mob in St. Louis

If the city had been named by Englishmen or Irishmen, it would have been called St. Lewis, that's the English form ... but it was taken over from French who had already called it St. Louis.

Anyway, the idea is, St. Lewis IX of France invading Tunisia was some kind of racist, which he was not.

Fr Stephen Schumacher Defends Statue of St. Louis
Complicit Clergy | 29.VI.2020

  • 1) Tunisia was not inhabited by Black Africans.
  • 2) Not sure if Arabs had killed off Berbers and Kabyls there, but they weren't Black Africans either.
  • 3) Whoever lived in Tunisia, Arabs only or Berbers too, they were participating in a cruel slave hunt against Black Africans.
  • 4) St. Louis did not come to kill the guys who lived in Tunisia for living in Tunisia, but to end (if it had been possible) an evil régime there, which had also hunted slaves on the Mediterranean, from France and Italy and Spain.

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