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On the Oprah Show, about a Seduced and Suicided 14 Year Old Girl

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere: On the Oprah Show, about a Seduced and Suicided 14 Year Old Girl · New blog on the kid: No, Education is NOT Always the Way Out

A Mom's Story of Her Teen Who Was Lured By An Internet Predator | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN
17th of August 2020 | OWN

I, to the mother
5:30 At age 14,15 our hormones ... yeah, Mrs Danielle Helms, before this happened, a certain Bill Clinton, back in the 90's had made sure that, nation wide, the hormones of girls aged 12 to 15 could get no normal romp as in actually marrying and making babies, because he was so concerned that girls and boys could miss out on education up to 16 ... result: instead of getting married, they find relief from overprotective parents by affairs like the one with ... I had to look up the name, Kiley Ryan Bowers.

6:56 So, Danielle, you don't believe the prospect of seeing him before an altar might have made her less depressed than that of seeing him in court?

Obviously, as said, Bill Clinton made that impossible ...

7:58 So, the suicide was committed by someone under antidepressants ... seems that Citizens' Commission on Human Rights considered rightly that such things are an unsafe gamble ...

Btw, so far, I haven't heard about what perhaps happened gynaecologically after the late night confession: was Kristen made to take a day after pill, or was she just not anyway near pregnant anyway?

Obviously, Oprah would not ask such a question, but I think it's relevant.

Being pushed into abortion (even a very early one) is not a recipe for happiness.

II, to Oprah
10:17 It seems Oprah is under the misconception that Kristen Helms was a child when all of this happened.

Supplement of Summa, Q 58, A 5, the corpus of the article says:

I answer that, Since marriage is effected by way of a contract, it comes under the ordinance of positive law like other contracts. Consequently according to law (cap. Tua, De sponsal. impub.) it is determined that marriage may not be contracted before the age of discretion when each party is capable of sufficient deliberation about marriage, and of mutual fulfilment of the marriage debt, and that marriages otherwise contracted are void. Now for the most part this age is the fourteenth year in males and the twelfth year in women: but since the ordinances of positive law are consequent upon what happens in the majority of cases, if anyone reach the required perfection before the aforesaid age, so that nature and reason are sufficiently developed to supply the lack of age, the marriage is not annulled. Wherefore if the parties who marry before the age of puberty have marital intercourse before the aforesaid age, their marriage is none the less perpetually indissoluble.

St. Thomas said 14 for males, 12 for women. Kristen was not a child.

A marriageable person socially treated as a child is good at getting seduced.

Has Danielle Helms never ever read fairytales where an oppressive father stops a daughter from marriage after marriage and in the end even gets killed bc his daughter wants to marry? Culhwch and Olwen and the giant Yspaddaden, anyone?

Obviously, however abusive Culhwch was kind of abusive to his pa in law, but not to his wife.

So bad not all seducers are of his tremp, rather than KRB's.

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