Saturday, November 20, 2021

I was going to call this "Rittenhouse Victims" but now prefer Kenosha Casualties

On the Rittenhouse case ... · I was going to call this "Rittenhouse Victims" but now prefer Kenosha Casualties

I watched below video before hearing the verdict. What I could say for the victims in general, as people, stands, but my original title "Rittenhouse Victims" or my ignorance they actually had posed what reasonably seemed to Mr. Rittenouse a life threat should not allow this kind of title to impigne on the honour of Mr. Kyle Rittenhouse. It is basically more on how Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber are being described as persons in conservative media. So, condoleances to Kariann Swart and the girl friend of Anthony Huber.

What They Did to Kyle Rittenhouse, They’ll Do to You
16.XI.2021 | Allie Beth Stuckey

My comments (please note, I am going by what news sources I could find):

7:01 a little earlier "on the right side of history" ... reminds me of what CSL had to say about historicism ... basically, there isn't a right or wrong side of history until God pronounces it at Doomsday (give and take a few certitudes given as preliminary, like certain saints being canonised and the Christianity of Catholicism being true). (OK, CSL wouldn't in his earthly life have agreed on "of Catholicism" in previous.)

8:43 Simpkins stated not just being bullied, but also being robbed, and the shooting led to four injuries, no death.

9:21 "the pedophile he shot"

He shot three people. Joseph Rosenbaum had a fiancée, Kariann Swart, Anthony Huber had a girl friend, not named, Gaige Grosskreutz claims (he survived) to have approached to give medical care ... which of these are you calling a pedophile?

Sorry, Huber's GF is named Hannah Gittings ...

I misread ...

Rosenbaum also shows, if you have mental care attending to you, you risk more ... according to witness "belligerent but no threat" ... perhaps belligerent bc he was, by those services, "oppressed so hard he could not stand"?

And the way you pronounce "pedophile" seems to indicate sth similar for people whose girl friends are somewhat under age according to the modern legislation that for instance Bill Clinton helped to implement in the 90's when banning marriage at 12 ...


Hannity: ‘It was a huge day for the right of self-defense’
20th Nov. 2021 | Fox News

Stopped the video at 2:53 to state:

Well, if Joseph Rosenbaum raped five boys up to age 11, and he had a fiancée, this kind of shows, homosexuality is not for ever. Note, a fiancée, finishing in feminine -e.

I'm glad I did not hear of this before speaking up for her.

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