Friday, November 19, 2021

On the Rittenhouse case ...

On the Rittenhouse case ... · I was going to call this "Rittenhouse Victims" but now prefer Kenosha Casualties

Tucker: Rittenhouse trial taught us this
16th Nov. 2021 | Fox News

6:52 Did Kyle Rittenhouse try to fire at another point of Rosenbaum's body than those that might kill?

Like the arm where Rosenbaum held a chain?

And Joseph Rosenbaum being a convicted child rapist has what relevance to this?

And was the conviction related to the girl that we have heard of as Kariann Swart, his fiancée?

Bc, I can relate to statutory rape being a crime, if a girl has a one night stand either initiated or taken profit of by an adult, if she is just above puberty and then regrets it all. But if she doesn't regret it, if she is forced to participate in a trial against a guy she loves and stands up as his fiancée once he is released, I find the charges against Joseph Rosenbaum overdone.

Is Joseph Rosenbaum the man who goes down at before 8:02 in this video? (no idea what exact timeline in the original one)

I suppose the fact of running away would have been a hindrance to both aim and time of reflection.

Btw, I did not see any chain in the hand of the one going down at 8:02, that's why I'm asking.

7:13 Obviously, when it comes to the mob and the pistol pointed to his face, that's another matter.

Here he would have been acting with very little time to think.

I suppose Anthony Huber is one of these guys?

10:19 I'm reminded of two trials in Sweden. 5th February 1998, I resisted a policeman, taking his gun from the holster and firing at his hip when he was wrestling it back out of my hands.

1st trial, 5th March, Karlstad, I was acquitted. Putative self defense.
2nd trial May or June in Gothenburg, I was condemned.

Why did I resist him in the first place? I thought my liberty - not life but still liberty - was threatened by the procedure of mental institutionalising he was involved in. Luckily for me, his colleague was out searching for sth to bind my feet with (I had started resistance with a missed kick at the generalist doctor). When I fired, the policeman was so hysteric about getting it back, I was sure he thought his life was in danger when I was pointing the gun at his stomach, that I did not dare just leave his pistol back, I shot at the hip. I knew it would hit the hip. It was an even closer range, somewhat, and we were stationary. If he had let go the pistol from pain, I would just have pointed it at the stomach again to get from mental procedure to police procedure, not fired at any more vital part. He didn't. He succeeded in getting his pistol back, nice piece of mental strength on his part, and I was relieved I got to detention and not mental hospital. At that point, I ceased resisting.

I served two thirds of the time, btw, and was legally let out for the last third, last of June 2000.

It would seem the probabation should have lasted to 2006 only and I did not commit any other real or supposed violent crime during that span of time.

15:06 I guess their point was sth like, a Black boy acting in self defense would have had heavy prison or death row - unequal application.

However, it seems the Timothy George Simpkins proceedings deny this charge.

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