Saturday, November 6, 2021

Two Videos with the Godwin Point in them ...

A Nazi's Son Serves In the Israeli Army!
14th Oct. 2021 | Jewish Learning Institute

He claims his father was a perpetrator.

How does he know his father committed atrocities to Jews? Not all NS did. Waldemar Bonsels' limit of anti-Jewish action was asking (deplorably, and would not have been accepted by Austrofascism) for censoring or at least limiting Jews' access to publication.

Now, WB wasn't in the fighting ranks, as far as I know. Otto Carius was. Before I RIP-ed a memorial of him, I checked he was not involved in any NS anti-Jewish atrocity.

If there is a passage of the video where Bernd Wollschlaeger tells us what he found out about his father except for his being an NS party member during, perhaps before the war ... what is the time signature.

How Hitler was Even More Evil Than You Think - Prof. Jordan Peterson
29th July 2017 | Jordan Peterson Fan Channel


1:51 "look at the outcome" (depends a bit on how many others are involved in producing it)
Was Hitler trying to found Israel?

And, before that, put lots of young Jews in a boot camp, so they didn't arrive next to Palestinians as wimps from their dad's library?


3:24 whatever etc had the opportunity to be manifest fully ...
like humiliating paedagogues, not very unlike shrinks and shrink personnel?

3:39 that was a motivation for putting them there to begin with ... as with mental diagnoses?

3:45 and all the cover story of trying to cure someone of his pathologies, was perhaps just cover stories?


4:16 "destructive people think that Cain is their saviour"
Domineering and responsible people think so. Remember the line "am I my brother's keeper" ? It says something of the bitterness he could no longer play that role after God had favoured Abel's sacrifice.

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