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CMI on Human Fossils

Where Are All the Human Fossils?
10th Febr. 2022 | Creation Ministries International

1:26 "therefore obviously humans and Neanderthals lived together"

1) Neanderthals are human, but I suppose you mean the Homo sapiens race
2) whatever the race on board the Ark, it would have lived with other races, with a possibility of mixigenation.

Ergo, Neanderthals could very well have been pre-Flood from that evidence.

13:56 "where you draw the ... boundary"

Flood fossils or from closely before are:

* Norian in Ankerschlag (a pterosaur)
* Chattian in Linz (a kind of whale)
* Pleistocene in Heidelberg (Heidelberg man, probably same pre-Flood race as Denisovan, since Atapuerca's Antecessor shares morphology with Heidelberg and genes with Denisova, more than with Neanderthal or Sapiens race).

Lithologically, Chattian can indirectly be suporposed on Norian or even directly at some point or diverse points between Linz and Ankerschlag, but this doesn't mean you find any Chattian fossils above Norian fossils. As in straight above.

14:10 I never held to it anyway.

KT boundary is an Iridium layer. In one specific place, Yacoraite, there are gastropods of same type below and above it.

But last K or first T periods, Maastrichtian and Danian, they were simply different places in the fauna of the pre-Flood world.

16:02 This idea was in Edgar Andrews, but after my work in up to 9th June 2015, when I posted my correspondence with Karoo, it should be laid to rest. Where you find several layers of fossils above and below each other, they are marine. Drill holes and GC, you very much do get several layers of fossils now, but so you had back in the Flood.

Karoo, you arguably had no marine organisms in the Flood, but neither do you get superposition (except as re-defined creatively by geologists) of Permian and Triassic fossils.

16:20 God will reconstitute all human bodies from material remains of them on Doomsday.

But a good deal of Nodian men could be buried under Himalayas or Alps and things. And especially Nodian artefacts.

17:58 A challenge.

Neanderthals in El Sidrón cave have carbon dates c. 40 000 BP (actually a bit earlier). They cannot be all twelve from first two decades after the Flood. When would the atmosphere have had the appropriate C14 level, and how fast did it rise, on your view, if these were post-Flood?

[Has been sent to CMI, 11.II.2022, along with link to video]

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