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"Debunked" and Leicester University Give Fake News on Noah's Flood

How BIG Would NOAH'S ARK Actually Need To Be?! DEBUNKED
24th July 2021 | Debunked

0:56 NIV translated "gopher tree" as "cyprus wood"?

Do you know the reason for this retranslation?

3:41 If the Ark had tried to navigate against the waves, it arguably would have broken into half.

However, what stops it from staying intact if it had its length along the dip between two waves?

And no, as "arca" means "box" it was meant to float, not to be humanly speaking navigated.

God was directing it to mountains of Armenia through the moving waves, not by moving it across them.

Your animé shows the ark as navigating across the waves. Make the wrong assumption, get the wrong result!

4:02 Nope, you've made it very explicit. The ark stayed safely in the troughs.

4:28 There is no Biblical trace of any keel. Assume the bottom was flat, and we get trees supporting each other side by side.

4:39 I have assumed the walls of the Ark as well as floors from bottom to roof were very thick. Not too much scaffolding needed.

I have also assumed the water line is at 15 cubits high, so no water pressure, usually, for top half.

4:58 The Wyoming was a ship, it needed to navigate, hence to be actually light in the hull.

The Ark had no such need. And, as said, resting in troughs all along the way, was not put to the same stress as the Wyoming.

6:16 My calculation for the cargo capacity, assuming different cubits, different thickness of the actual tree contraptions (half or whole cubit proportionally to extremes) and different densities of wood (between pine and rose wood) would (with a waterline half way up) give "between 13,257.381 metric tons and 47,740.844 metric tons" according to my calculation from 5.X.2021

Leicester University was more generous.

8:18 I actually need only c. 2032 animal kinds or 4064 individual animals.

Take the species and divide the number by 17 - since there are 17 species in Linnean terms for the one hedgehog kind.

10:11 "all the species on earth right now"

A totally different question.

Interesting no doubt, but not too important for the credibility of the Bible. Species diversified after the Flood. And unless you speak of "hyperevolution" - is an Indian Long Eared Hedgehog all that much different from an Erinaceus Europaeus?

11:33 Insofar as the species after the ark breed much and spread out wide, the effects of inbreeding are avoidable.

This is how the fauna came off not too bad after the real Flood.

11:59 Over time, obviously, the kinds after the Ark did diversify.

Hedgehogs are now diversified into 5 genera and 17 species.

12:14 Has John Moore taken into account Pitcairn Islanders?

The Mutiny on the Bounty happened about 230 years ago, the population on PItcairn is still thriving.

And no, they were not 160 men and women when starting out. They were 46 men, the women were Islanders, and the population sank lower than that since then.

14:03 28,500 species / 17 species/kind = 1676 kinds - a bit fewer than the 2032 kinds in my own calculation.

14:20 2032 kinds * 2 individuals per kind * 0.34 cb m per individual = 1381.76 cb m.

50 * 30 * 300 = 450000 cb cubits
18*0.0254 meters = 0.4572
24*0.0254 meters = 0.6096

0.4572 cubed = 0.09556935725
0.6096 cubed = 0.22653477274

450000 * 0.09556935725 = 43006.21 cb m
450000 * 0.22653477274 = 101940.65 cb m

43006.21 / 1381.76 = 31.124 times the space needed

15:22 The calculation on invertebrates is otiose.

They diversify or are diversely classified even quicker than vertebrates, no way one would need that many.

15:52 The 43 000 + cubic meters of the Ark would have been well enough for all.

16:21 And actually, there will never be a "next great flood" ... Genesis 9:15

[The final consideration on food already dealt with.

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