Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Baud and Stone on a Video with Kim Iversen

Kim Iversen: Former NATO Analyst & Top UN Official Says THIS Is The REAL Reason For War In Ukraine
19th April 2022 | The Hill


Most people won't - I know French, why is there no link to Jacques Baud's article in the description?

1:47 Since Ukraine is opting for EU, I have made a suggestion about official languages.

Russian official all over Ukraine? No.
Russian official in Donetsk, along Ukrainian, in Lugansk, along Ukrainian, in Crimea along Ukrainian and Tatar? Yes, yes, yes.

That's how things are in more than one EU country.

In Spain, only Spanish or Castilian is official all over Spain. But in Barcelona, Catalan is official also, in Irún, Basque is official also, in Santiago, Galego is official also.

There is a certain tension in Western León because of the Galego speakers in the district of El Bierzo, I saw a graffito "O Berzo xa fala Galego" (Galego is kind of related to Portuguese more than Spanish, and don't tell Galicians Galego is a Portuguese dialect, it's actually Portuguese that's a Galego dialect - which historically is a fact, Galego was written before Portugal was reconquered from Moors). But no one is claiming for Galego to be used by judges in Barcelona, or Basque to be used by policemen in Lugo (probably those in Santiago need to know it, because pilgrims come, they arguably have more people speaking English and French too).

In Finland, Swedish and Lapp have regional rights, and between Finnish and Swedish, the all localities where the lesser language has 10 % use both, only Åland doesn't use Finnish, but unly Swedish. Sweden doesn't recognise regional languages, or didn't when I grew up, but in Norrland both Finns and Lapps have ample opportunities for schooling in the own language, though Swedish has to be learned too.

In France, Basque has less rights than in Spain, but it has some rights I think, and so have Catalan in Rousillon, Occitan between Rousillon and Niça la bella, Breton, Alsatian.

If Ukraine follows up with entering EU, and follows this rule, the problem is quickly solved.

Please to note, there was in 2019 an alarm (from a Human Rights organism) that Donbass didn't respect the rights of Ukrainian in practise. Please to note also, the Donbass casualties enumerated in an unsigned word document cited by Russian friendly Bishop Viganò, most who died in Donbass did so before Zelenskyy was elected. He's not the guy people in Donbass should fear.

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Allegations, some of which I hope are false, that Baud was hoodwinked, but chose not to otherwise comment on.]

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