Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Just in Case ANYONE Thinks I'm a Muslim

A New Muslim Finds out about AISHA and Muhammad
24th April 2022 | Acts17Apologetics


"it's exactly the same here"

Not quite the ages here mentioned for RC, no.

Legal age was (at least since High Middle Ages, early 1200's before St. Thomas Aquinas) 14 for the male, 12 for the female partner and no rule about maximum discrepancy.

St. Bridget married Ulf Gudmarsson at 13 and had sex at 14. A girl of 14 married a much older minor noble in the Savoy, and their son was St. Francis of Sales. In Shakespear, a mother tells her daughter she was already married at 12, while the daughter - Juliet - is 14 days off 14. It may be noted, Romeo was adult enough to have killed in a duel.


5:50 "what else are they lying about"

A tip ; could someone have been lying to you guys about me being interested in becoming a Muslim?


Given next video automatically linked to ...

St. Thomas considers there are two ages of maturity.

Puberty (in his text 14 / 12, though French versions have changed after new canon law to 16 / 14, I think) is the maturity for a decision where natural taste comes into play. Before puberty, apart from the fact you can't make children (Genesis 1:28) you also don't have your mature taste. Example, before puberty I had no relation to blue cheese or black coffee, this is even more so when it comes to sex.

Signing contracts (business, not marriage contract) demands a maturity of some experience. Hence 25. So, voting at 25, anyone?

On the other hand - I have had friendly gestures from Muslims.

I would not deny that. They have not always, but often come at the right moment. Obviously, I won't push gratitude to accepting their religion as the true one, any more than Protestantism, Buddhism, Paganism, Judaism ...

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