Friday, April 1, 2022

Who Cares about Orthodoxy? God for One (in Three and Three in One)

And, less importantly overall, but for some importance to ourselves, Colin Miller and me too.

Progressive Christian’s Argument Gets DESTROYED!
29th March 2022 | Colin Miller

2:39 I have come to bear witness for truth.

The One Who said that obviously did care us believing truth. I e - our right beliefs.

3:59 Mark 10:6. In context, the number of your lover (note the singular) - but by extrapolation from the reference, the natural gender (which should not be changed) too. (Nor denied for that matter)

Romans 1:27 was written unlike when Mark 10:6 was spoken, after the old law was out, in which "such things must not even be named among you".

4:43 who are of opposite genders, who do not use certain pills and not the invention of Julius Fromm either - and who also abstain from certain positions which I think the Hindoos arguably do not have in their Kama Sutra, them also having a sense, if not a historic and theological knowledge of Genesis 1:28.

6:01 The frequency Popes and Bishops have decided, or rather upkept, following the tradition from the apostles. A tradition certainly human on one side, but there is more to it.

6:37 It so happens:
  • in verse 16 it is specified, He was talking to the Eleven - converting is not everyone's job;
  • and converting from non-Christianity is not for every time and place either, some times and places, priests and deacons working under bishops have been either instructing in the Christianity already received at within 8 days after birth or converting them from lives in disaccordance with it.

I feel, converting is not my job, unlike the twelve I'm not a bishop, but arguing for either conversion or non-apostasy is, in writings that actual converters can use for the purpose.

Hence, I write apologetics. I do not try to convert everyone around me - except on occasions, when they offer room for a wedge.

6:47 "all that I have commanded you" includes, obviously, the distinction He made between:

  • St. Peter
  • the twelve except for him
  • the 72
  • normal people whom He was preaching to and reaching out to.

9:53 Indeed. Hence the Irish saying, whenever a Bogtrotter and a Whig meet, on both sides, "you worship God your way, I'll worship Him in His!"

Did you note "in reverence and awe" which at least prima facie seems to endorse kneeling and candles, and Gregorian, rather than sitting under electric light, spending more on Bible study than on adoration and the parts sung not very different in melody from Border Ballads, for all of the music at Church?

And obviously, receiving communion on the tongue, with only the priest touching the Host. Normally either standing below an altar rail where the priest behind it is raised higher, or, more usually, kneeling before it, to lower yourself, before you receive God's flesh.

10:01 As an ex-Lutheran, I was fearing that reverend was from the Episcopalians ... no, wiki says "Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) clergy" ... phew, not their, "formerly our" fault this time!

I was obviously using "reverend" as a social title, to be more precise, that guy is as irreverend (and irreverenT) as Gretta Vosper.

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