Monday, February 6, 2017

With Kent Hovind, on Last Days

666 Mark of the Beast is the Rise of the Machines AI
Kent Hovind OFFICIAL

2:26 Now you know what Go is:

[At 2:26, he didn't, but the video is a bit old, he might have known before.]

3:41 I disagree on both time of Flood and location of Tower of Babel.

[Time : he had mentioned Ussher date for Flood, location, I think he referred to the Ziggurat of Woolley's Ur]

  • 1) Roman Martyrology for Christmas day enumerates the dates for different epochs on which Christ was born. 5199 after The Beginning, 2957 after The Flood of Noah, 2015 after Birth of Abraham.

  • 2) Shinar extends into Turkey, since a part of Turkey is east of Euphrates. There you find Edessa, a k a Shahnlee URfa (means venerable Urfa, was Ur Kasdim acc. to some) and close by Göbekli Tepe. If GT was location, it can have been meant as a launching ramp, and the tower might have been a rocket. Genesis 6:11 indicates the tower could be a later success. God was not stopping it from being built, God delayed it to Cape Canaveral. Genesis 11:[8] And so the Lord scattered them from that place into all lands, and they ceased to build the city. Doesn't say they ceased to project the tower, though.

4:04 First hit on Nimrod and Chick : an attack on Catholic Mariology ... yeah, right, "good stuff", no, bad stuff in fact.

Like when Chick promotes the Jewish liar Avro Manhattan, whom I refuted on giving bad references in footnotes he hoped no one would look up (unless he hoped to be discovered as a fraud):

Great Bishop of Geneva! : Heard this one? Donation of Constantine a fraud to extort the Peter's Pence, like?

[He had mention Jack Chick as having good resources for Tower of Babel and what happened there.]

9:20 how about you distributing this one:

antimodernista : Can We Reasonably Trust the Gospels? – YES! P. 1-8

[He had said this thing about not just waiting around for the worst, but getting a job for the winning of souls.]

Conditions can be added Monday, now's Sunday Eve (Sunday tomorrow, started 18:00)

Yes, it is now monday ... conditions:

hglwrites : A little note on further use conditions

(also quoted in the booklet itself). A little hitch?

FR81...10011...00020...102...2192955Z...24 [no dots!]

The numbers are a bit changed in their arrangement with the spaces now.

New blog on the kid : On Donativo, a Practical Point

From a message I got from post office bank, it would seem that the proper way to space the IBAN would now be:
FR81 1001 1000 2010 22192955Z 24

Need instructions about printing?


Recipes from Home and Abroad : Printing Books / Imprimer des Livres

And more recently here:

Recipes from Home and Abroad : From Blog Posts or Notebook to Book : Part I, up to reproducible originals

Recipes from Home and Abroad : From Blog Posts or Notebook to Book : Part II, from reproducible originals to books you can turn the pages of

Other little hitch about pages placed wrong in one of the scans? I'll try to fix that soon, but if on one double sided copy of the printouts you get exactly two pages displaced after folding correctly, you know there is sth wrong and might want to try to fix it too.

I'll have a look.

If four pages are displaced, you probably didn't match the two printouts correctly when making a double sided copy, turn one of them around and try again.

Other little thing, on p. 34 I am going to add "pp. 23-34 mostly based on wikipedia, links not copied to the print, sorry, here's the attribution" or sth like that. If I haven't by when you print it out, please add it!

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