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How do I come out as being Catholic?

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I’d very much like to know the answer too.

In school, which was a boarding school, I naturally came out as a Catholic as the discussions led me there.

With my mother, I was spending years explaining to her why Catholic Mariology is not idolatrous.

Now it seems my father’s side of the family is hoping it is a passing phase or some kind of mental illness they hope will heal.

I decided conversion at age 16, converted at age 20 - minus some months - and am now 49.

Alex Pismenny
Pax vobiscum
Written 1h ago
“Come out” indicates that you expect a hostile reaction.

Depending the disposition of whoever you are disclosing your faith to, there must be one of the other set of errors that causes them to reject Catholicism. So speak to that set of errors. There are too many for me to anticipate, not knowing your situation.

To a Protestant I would say that the foundations of Protestantism are recent (about five centuries old) and they are false: Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide are not biblical doctrines, yet they claim to only follow the Holy Scripture.

To an Atheist I would say that you examined the collective evidence of the Church, contained primarily in the Gospels, and found it compatible with the proposition that death and resurrection of Christ are historical events. You then chose to follow that belief logically and it led you to the Catholic Church.

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God bless you.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
1h ago
And how would you go about with a set of mixed Protestants and Atheists who seem to be all very Masonic (or more or less Masonic) and who refuse to speak to you?

Alex Pismenny
1h ago
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If there is no conversation possible, a simple declaration would do. “I have examined what various religions and irreligions propose for my salvation and I decided to join the Holy Catholic Church. If and when you have questions about the Church I’ll be happy to answer”.

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