Tuesday, April 25, 2017

... on should Christians trust NASA?

Sex In Space: How It's Done


Hi, I think I know that face from somewhere ... Lacy Green, right?

Wait, Laci, with an I at the end?


Laci, after watching the whole video, congrats. Some people said sth about "why would NASA lie to us" (about anything, basically) "when they are professionals and a government agency (and so on)?"

It seems the ones going on space mission are professional pervs. Married couples not allowed on same mission = sins guaranteed.

Unless you were dealing with well trained monks OR nuns. Even they depend a bit on not hanging around with the other sex, for staying chaste, and they also depend on lots of prayer time, which I think NASA is not really encouraging.

Or for that matter, the Russians - I think ISS is international, so you access it from both Cape Canaveral and Baikonur. Perhaps some other places as well. OK, technically Baikonur is not Russia, but Kazachstan.

Possible - not certain - disclaimer, here:

10 Simple Things You Cannot Do In Space
NatGeo Times

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