Wednesday, September 13, 2017

While Some Refuse to be Post-Modern, I Refuse to be Post-Medieval in Outlook

This has not too much to do with accepting modern technology, btw. Anyway, here is the quoran question with my answer:

What were two ideas that emerged after the medieval period?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Middle Ages fan + Latin student in Lund (where Medieval Latin rules).
Answered just now
Answering "What were two ideas that emerged after the medieval period?" - In other words, two ideas powerful today but absent from Middle Ages.

I guess you allow me to pick any two, as long as both fulfil the criterium.

  • 1) Communities can "emerge" with no single identifiable founder, so naming of a founder "is no proof" he actually existed and disputing his existence need not mean implying existence of an alternative one;
  • 2) Consciousness can "seem" as a different thing from what we call matter and the Medieval scholastics called bodies, without actually being so.

These two ideas strike me as very post-Medieval and also as very illogical.

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