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Why Concerned if Non-Religious Rebel Against Genesis 1:28? (quora)

Creation vs. Evolution : Ubi Crux, et Corona (Genesis 1:28) · Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : Why Concerned if Non-Religious Rebel Against Genesis 1:28? (quora)

Why are fundamentalist Christians and Catholics so concerned if people they don't even know use birth control?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
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  • we are concerned if acceptance of birth control becomes the rule
  • because birth control is not acceptable.

Suppose you were talking of a man living in a house, either white collar employee or self employed. Suppose he expressed an endorsement of keeping stealing illegal, and that if someone was trying to, for instance, argue that a bank robber could keep the money, as long as no one was actually hurt during the bank robbery.

Would you ask why people in his situation are so concerned if people they don’t even know rob banks? Especially in cases where it is not their money?

One little item arguing it is in part our money (those of us Catholics and them Evangelicals who are against it who are paying taxes, which currently I am not) is, as just said, taxes. Birth control is sponsored, sponsoring is by tax money.

But this is peanuts compared to the ravages of “demographic pyramids” looking more like top hats.

Before certain social ensurances became the rule, working men knew their main way of having a decent old age was having children.

Now that social ensurances are here and sponsored birth control are here, some believe they don’t need children, their money will take care of their old age. Well, as the lives are longer, the old age rents are less likely to be totally paid for by the worker himself before retirement. But even more, they were perhaps laying money aside, but not the utilities they buy for it, and these utilities are produced by the persons of a generation some of them were not willing to grant existence very much, a generation smaller than it should have been. AND the actual payments of money come from money earned and paid in taxes by that generation.

Sweden no longer says the State will guarantee old age pensions. One has to sign up for private insurances to compensate. They won’t be able to guarantee it either, but when they go bankrupt it won’t be the state which does, and since there are diverse of them, one may go bankrupt while others are still on.

Germany has more old age voters than young voters and is chasing the young with harder taxes and more pressure to get a work.

France is doing away with retirement at 60 and 35 hours work week.

Young people are paying for having been born in generations which are defective in numbers relative to the older ones, due partly to abortions (teens and tweens in France are showing stats on a site translateable as “one in five”, referring to abortions only) and partly also, less gruesome, but “perhaps more numerous”, the children never even maid, avoided by condoms and pills (some of which “numbers” are also actually early abortions, since pills are not just preventing conception, but if taking one after some pause, preventing a conceived human embryo from nesting, therefore killing a person).

Meanwhile, medical doctors who are very antilife in relation to the young in this way are also very prolife in prolonging the ages of the old.

Suppose you want to avoid a total disaster (I guess you can fill in some blanks), the answer is:

  • young people must start having babies again;
  • older people must stop telling this or that teen “you are too young to marry” or “you are too young to have children”
  • pills, condoms and abortions must be banned. And homosexuality lived out as a sex life also.

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Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
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