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... on Protestants Getting Wrong WHY "Pope Francis" is Wrong about Mother Theresa

Here is a video:

Mother Teresa Made a Saint by the Pope - Currently Burning in Hell - Salvation is NOT of Works!
Truth In Genesis
Ajoutée le 18 sept. 2016

It attacks the "canonisation" of Mother Theresa in the wrong way. This is how I comment on beginning and some subsequent moments to correct it:

If Mother Theresa is burning in Hell or just staying in purgatory, some of her works were straw, and so much one cannot be sure THAT she built on the right foundation.

Some Catholics are sure she did not do so, and think indeed she is burning in Hell. Antipope Alexander IX has excommunicated her posthumously (if he is an antipope, as I think, invalidly, just as invalid as the "canonisation" by the other Argentinian Antipope). Pope Michael has at least not at all confirmed the "canonisation".

That said, this is not because of your theory about salvation by faith without works, if Keiren Parmley got you right (I haven't seen the video myself yet), but because some of her works were bad or inadequate, and considered such by Catholics throughout history. Like having Muslim and Hindoo patients in your hospital and NOT telling them about Christ.

By 1:28 it is clear, Keiren Parmley is right.

You actually DO have to keep the commandments (at least the last minute of your life, ideally some time before that too) to get to Heaven. John chapter 3 does mention that!

At 1:55, it is not keeping commandments now which saves from past sins, but it is one requirement for keeping the salvation you got through grace, through the sacraments of faith.

No, 2:22, it is your protestantism which will send you to Hell unless you repent.

2:34 The Bible does not say we ARE all sinners, but that all of us (except Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother) HAVE BEEN sinners.

We HAVE all SINNED - in the past. But some have been justified by grace since then, and ARE no longer sinners.

Luther's "at once sinner and just" is simply a lie. It sends to Hell.

2:46 The wages of sin is death. The pay roll a sinner is on mentions not just corporeal death, but eternal death, a k a Hell.

The payroll a just is on says eternal life. You don't get on it by works, but you stay on it by keeping the commandments, by works. By breaking commandments, you get back on the bad payroll.

3:13 Your name can get written into the book of life, which happens by a miracle of justification. A sacrament like Baptism or Confession or Extreme unction, in some rare cases the Eucharist can suffice, but usually you need to be already justified before receving it [1 Corinthians 11:29].

Your name can also get erased from it, as long as you haven't died. See here:

"He that shall overcome, shall thus be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, and I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels."
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 3:5]

So, if you do NOT overcome, perhaps your name WILL be blotted out?

See what I mean?

I am not yet settled on whether this channel abuses a clearly Creationist label ("Truth in Genesis" sounds as creationist as Answers in Genesis) to promote mostly other issues, but it would seem so from top 17 videos (not all necessarily bad). Since youtube allows one user more than one channel (if?) perhaps better restrict Truth in Genesis to Creationist matters and use another channel name for sth else?

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