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Middle Ages on Quora (non Medical)

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : Medical Middle Ages : Cancer and Salerno Diet (quora) · Middle Ages on Quora (non Medical) · Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Were the Middle Ages that Terrible? (Quora)

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æ œ ß (&tzlig;)
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I was going to delete above for the post, but decided to keep above html, since these non-standard letters (and lower case letters in general, and one for the ligature tz too and for many others no longer seen in print even) are products of the Middle Ages. Now, to the quoran question:

Is there an attempt to whitewash the Middle Ages?

Tris Nguyen
By “whitewash” I mean efforts to bring about a more positive view of the Middle Ages as opposite to the historically negative view of the “Dark Ages”. It’s not about racially whitewashing.

P/s: how come am I not be able to add question detail?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
48m ago
As to PS, quora has changed.

My answer:

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Middle Ages fan + Latin student in Lund (where Medieval Latin rules).
Answered just now
"Is there an attempt to whitewash the Middle Ages?"

"By “whitewash” I mean efforts to bring about a more positive view of the Middle Ages as opposite to the historically negative view of the “Dark Ages”."

I would say what you suspect of being whitewashing is actually, mostly, correction of a previous blackpainting, from sources like:

  • Judaism
  • Islam
  • Protestantism
  • and Enlightenment.

Jacques Molay did burn on a stake. The question is, was the Church burning him because he had insights they were afriad of, or was it burning him because he was corrupt, doing things no Christian, let alone a knight sworn to defend Christians, should be doing.

Albigensians were put to trial and sometimes burned. But were they Evangelical Christians, surviving from Primitive Christianity, or were they distorting Christianity into something else? Were they killed in millions, or were even forced reconversions less than one or two millions, while killings were outright rare?

Jews and Muslims in the Middle Ages would observe that Europeans were not always washing when their customs said one should.

Were they simply dirty? Did they include lower class and therefore dirtier workers than the Jewish or Muslim observer? Were they simply using other occasions to wash, or not inviting Jews or Muslims to the bath?

Well, we do have the Acts of the Council of Vienne, we do have some Inquisition Protocols left, we do have Medieval descriptions of taking a bath, not just seeing Jews and Muslims doing it and wondering what they were doing.

that need improvement

Ioseb Jugashvili
Director at Radio Yerevan (1926-present)
Answered Sun
Some Chinese Christians whitewash the Inquisition.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I suspect you are blackwashing it.

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