Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Language of Your Site (quora)

Can I have a website in more than one language? Is there a way I can, when uploading products on one of these languages, add the rest of the products to the other languages without entering each language to add products? The website WordPress.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I speak two langs, Latin and Germanic. In a few dialects.
Answered just now
The wordpress will not select language of your content.

You select language of your interface, like if you want it to say “publish” or “publier”.

But the wordpress certainly does not select language on your content, you can change language as often as you like and in as many different languages as you like.

Same for blogger, presumably for livejournal and others as well.

One practical point, it can be useful for your readers to, if so, be able to search content in one of the languages by your making separate index posts for either language or by your adding labels to mark which language a post is in. On my main blog, I do both for English and for French:

New blog on the kid (eng)

New blog on the kid (fr)

Index XVII ENG : Pentecost to Assumption 2017

Index XVII FR : Pentécôte à Assomption 2017

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