Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Wanted Adventure | 10.VI.2018

3:15 Z - did you see any with the basic shape of a 3, but flatter top?

I grew up partly in Austria. I would tend to see Z with a line and z without a line as modern, and 3 with flat top as more archaic, and I do both.

4:27 I personally do the long line a bit shorter, but I suspect it coming all the way from bottom is the original, denoting how it comes from handwriting, attachment to previous numeral.

5:00 I write my seven with a line in the middle. So it can't be confused with a 1 where the short line is swinging too far to the left.

[This functionality, she noticed too.]

Generally - in Swedish school, I was barely taught handwriting before I left after second grade, in Austria, I had to relearn handwriting, and it so happens, the Swedes have really changed over generations, the one I learned in Austria is much closer to what my Swedish grandparents wrote. And they were not even very fluent in German, unless they were hiding something.

German / Austrian older ... what I was learned in school in Austria is called Latein-Schrift, meaning it is the handwriting corresponding to Antiqua print. They also used to have "deutsche Schrift" one version of which is called Sütterlin, of which I have taken over some of the easier things, like ...

  • d is like a 6 backward (or like an Icelandic eth without the distinguishing line)
  • n, u and ü risk getting confused, for ü you get out of it by adding two dots (like a backward tilde in handwriting, which wouldn't work in Spanish), but for u you use a hook above the letter. If you do write u and n very similar, which I do, this hook is a very good way of keeping u and n apart
  • letter z looking like a 3 with a flat top.

Then there are some of the harder things, which make "deutsche Schrift" even harder than blackletters, to which they correspond, and those I don't use (e looking like a narrow n, r looking like i r - without the dot over i, h and s going below the line so an s looks like an f without the line, k looking like a t with some bubbles on the top, other s looking a bit like a 6 - tied in from previous at center and not tying forward ...).

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