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This One Only Agrees with Lizzy's Points - Except One (see item IV)

HOW TO AVOID Becoming Catholic!!!
LizziesAnswers | 24.X.2018

To title
Guessing what to put in there as two of the methods ...

  • 1) suicide (when one is in Hell it is too late to convert) (but OK, you still will know Catholic truth if you go there, just you won't profit from it)
  • 2) apostasy to atheism (and make sure you definitely drop all interest in religious questions)
  • 3) apostasy to Judaism or Paganism.

OK, makes three or perhaps even four if you count 3 as "3 and 4" ....

2:29 Speaking of Protestant commentaries, have you seen many that even try to deal with Matthew 16:19?

Obviously at verse 18 they say "the rock is Jesus". Fine, what do they say about verse 19?

I saw one which claimed St Peter had the keys for a once only use, when receiving Cornelius who was not circumcised.

But that only deals with opening side.

Also, opening and closing is paralleled by binding and losing in John 20, where it is put next to the power of absolution.

5:01 My bad, I was fascinated with Middle Ages even before becoming a Christian.

I recently saw a French Protestant claim Inquisition killed over 60 million, and I compared this to a proverbially slow calligrapher being reported as winning a contest in speed typing ...

Look at the time taken with Tyndale (whose Inquisitor James Latomus wrote him a decent answer on Romans, I think [chapter] 3) or with Giordano Bruno (whose Inquisitor St Robert Bellarmine made sure the next Heliocentric did not get burnt on his account, that being Galileo).

Or that episode in 14th C France where some Waldensians had been in prison for years, and Inquisitors pleaded "please, help us keep them so we can convert them" and people (Catholics) said, "no, let them go, you've tried, enough is enough" ... (you can read of if in Charles Henry Lee or Henry Charles Lee who was NOT partial for Inquisition, I am not even taking this from Kamen - who is or was Jewish, not Catholic).

Even worse, I actually like to ask questions like "how did Latin become languages like French or Spanish".

If you tell me "Bible was in Latin in 600 AD so that only clergy should be able to understand," I'll laugh or puke depending on quantity of Protestant absurdities I had been consuming previous to seeing that in the past two hours.

Sure, people in France back then spoke so Cicero could not have understood, but that's how we pronounce English so Chaucer could not have understood. We spell English nearly as Chaucer, and they spelled their language nearly as Cicero. Plus Vulgate was even a bit updated compared to Cicero in vocabulary and phraseology and simplified syntax.

Latin only became incomprehensible to French speakers in 800 and following decade in Tours when Alcuin arrived telling the monks how Latin should really be pronounced. And 813 a synod there decided "you must translate the correct Latin of the Gospel in a sermon in whatever the people speak".

5:08 And reading Umberto Eco's Name of the Rose, while partial against Inquisition, was actually telling me a bit more than I had known about what the heresies around then were.

Not what I had been told after ma went to a Bible school ... I was 16, and already in favour of Catholicism since about 13, and even more since reading up on Reformations in England and Sweden. Only "Inquisition" was keeping me back from taking the step ... obviously, if Protestants ever burn books, Name of the Rose will sniff go into flames along Lord of the Rings and Letters by J. R. R. Tolkien.

5:20 "created sciences like ... genetics, evolution"

Genetics, yes, Mendel.

Evolution, that pseudo-science, owes everything to Protestants.

James Hutton, Charles Lyell, Georges Cuvier, Charles Darwin, all of them were raised Protestants. Those of them who didn't apostasise remained Protestants, they did not convert to Catholicism.

Astronomy was actually created well before Christianity.

6:39 How about avoiding Malachi 1:11 where the prophet is not talking of Cohanim sacrificing, since not allowed outside Temple of Jerusalem, but still talking of a sacrifice?

Pretty specific on Mass being a sacrifice, right?

Isaiah on keys of the kingdom?

No verse contains the word 'keys' when searching the Old Testament.

Ah, singular does it, third hit of three is:

"And I will lay the key of the house of David upon his shoulder: and he shall open, and none shall shut: and he shall shut, and none shall open."
[Isaias (Isaiah) 22:22]

Yes, fairly specific. Especially since Kingdom of Heaven in Apocalypse is described in very Davidic terms. As well as the titulus on the Cross describing it so, even if that is more than Pilate bargained for, possibly.

6:53 The first part of Hail Mary is two verses from Luke 1 plus adding the name Jesus which Elisabeth didn't know yet.

The second part is a separate prayer which was then added to the first part.

When St Thomas wrote a sermon on Hail Mary, its last word was still the name "Jesus".

I don't know what method of Grignon's you use for the Rosary, back when I still prayed, it was nearly always the second method, in which the mystery is spoken directly after the name Jesus, added by a relative pronoun "whom, thou, o virgin, conceivedest of the Holy Ghost" and so on.

In Austria, that's how it is done.

7:48 Speaking of Apologists, you obviously need to avoid Chesterton.

And Belloc.

So ... since Tolkien possibly liked both and both he and CSL liked Chesterton, avoid the two main Inklings as well.

Wonder why the "John Todd" testimony - he was after all received by very anti-Catholic Evangelicals back then - involves a claim he had been paying CSL and JRRT on behalf of illuminati?

When John Todd left Illuminati (which could still be true, even if he was forced to add a false story to escape), Tolkien was dying and CSL had died ten years earlier. Conveniently for that testimony, neither was around to answer it.

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