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... on a Number Identifying an Evil Man

666 - Numberphile
Numberphile | 12.IV.2012

1:14 "written as three letters"

Back then, if so, the third would have been digamma, not in use in most dialects.

BUT we can't say if original used "numerals" (as in three Greek letters) or written out numeral words.

I'd say the latter is probable.

3:20 I checked the ASCII gematric value of PETEWATTS - it's 711 (now we know where you go shopping late in evenings - or we don't, if we believe gematria is mostly a one prophecy validity). Here is how I got it:

P 80 080
E 69 140 09
T 84 220 13
E 69 280 22
W 87 360 29
A 65 420 34
T 84 500 38
T 84 580 42
S 83 660+45=711

Obviously, adding a space makes it 743 (space is 32) and making any letters minuscule would also give another value (unaccented letters always have minuscule 32 more than majuscule).

5:09 When apocalypse was written, one may presume, Nero was already a past reference.

Known to have 666 in name.

About that time - check out the vocative MAPKOC NEPOYA and then abbreviate it M. NEPOYA. And such an abbreviation may have even appealed to him, since it reminded of MINEPOYA / Minerva / Latin for Pallas Athene.

On the other hand, it is impossible to get 666 from a simple application of Greek isopsephy on Domitian.

However, Nerva was arguably a much better man than his predecessor Domitian. Domitian tried to kill St John in boiling oil, when this miraculously failed sent him to Patmos. Nerva liberated him from there.

Now, get over to ASCII:

M 77 070 07
N 78 140 15
E 69 200 24
R 82 280 26
V 86 360 32
A 65 420+37=457

Add minuscules and / or space (one space, four minuscules = 160) in appropriate number, perhaps a . (46) too ...

457 617
160 +46
617 663

So, closest (or "most suspect value") in ASCII is "M. Nerva" = "663"

Now look at a very simple Latin vocative of Domitian:

D 68 060 08
O 79 130 17
M 77 200 24
I 73 270 27
T 84 350 31
I 73 420 34
A 65 480 39
N 78 550 47
E 69 610+56=666

7:48 In AD 90, criticising Nero would already be fairly safe.

The problem is who will be the next 666?

I think an Exile on Patmos was not perfectly free to send mail anywhere he wanted, while Christ had given him letters to seven Churches, he could call the "mailman" (his surveillant Roman "prison" guard on Patmos) for one destination only.

So, he gives the book to that prison guard, who takes it, and ... I have something of the mind of a novelist (and I could be very wrong on how it was for this prophet of God, who could have known this too all along) ... fortunately Domitian is not obviously adding up to 666, and as he is somewhat dense about anything except getting what he wants, he would not get any very subtle gematria values ... and the prison guard tells him there is a new emperor who will get the mail.

"What's his name?"

Ah, OK, seems fine, wait, what if I abbreviate M for MAPKOC?

M - 40,
N - 50+40=90,
E - 5+90=95,
P - 100+95=195,
O - 70+195=265,
Y - 400+265=665,
A - 1+665 and yes, we needn't go to Cigma, there is a vocative as well ....

Next time he hears from Caesar (as in Markos Nerouas) he is a free man.

It seems Nerva later abdicated.

I have written some Narnian fan fic in which he meets Pulverulentus Siccus in Telmar ...

En lengua romance en Antimodernism y de mis caminaciones : Nerva the Narnian in Telmar

So, either St John was told to be Christ's postman to the seven Churches, when he left Patmos, or Nerva himself made himself postman for St John to the seven Churches. Or to all except Ephesus.

8:14 I recall prison, finding a paper clip (which we were supposed to apply to papers, the paper being a publicity for the clip, which was in plastic) ... on the paper clip, a triangle of dots, and the dots were on all sides of the triangle 36.

And yes, in a boring moment I had figured out multiplication tables for 11 - 20, including 18, or for prime numbers, including 37.

Formula for triangle number is side*(side+1)/2.

18*37 is 666

Guess who dropped that prison jobb quickly?

I was then asked to do sth else instead and studying Spanish was an available option, esp. as I was into languages before the incident...

9:11 Nothing like?

Sure, A, B, C = 1, 2, 3 is DEFINITELY not anything like either Greek or Hebrew alphabets regularly used as numerals.

For one thing, you have a system in which C=100 and I=1 and in which MOST letters of MOST names have no number.

And for another, making C=3 is ad hoc, no use anywhere outside Apocalypse 18:13 context.

BUT we have computers now.

An at sign, @, is 64.
An Upper case A is 64+1, a k a 65.

Every visible sign on a computer screen (unlike months going from I to XII with very few Latin letters) is regularly (unlike ad hoc systems) represented by processes symbolised by 1 and 0, the binary number values of which can be taken out.

This makes ASCII very different.

Now, look at two men with 616 in ASCII (next comment).

I 73 070 03 H 72 070 02 456 (HITLER)
U 85 150 08 I 73 140 05 160 (change to Hitler)
L 76 220 14 T 84 220 09 616 (value of Hitler)
J 74 290 18 L 76 290 15
A 65 350 23 E 69 350 24
N 78 420 31 R 82 430+26=456
O 79 490 40 
V 86 570+46=616

So I Uljanov (Iljitj Uljanov in his ancestry Swedish would be a relevant spelling) is 616 in BIG letters. Hitler is 616 in small letters (except initial).

As I'd say Lenin was more Satanic than Hitler, both being so somewhat, and as 616 fits only Nero (Hebrew for Nero Caesar) but not Domitian, and therefore 616 might seem to be a "runner up" to 666 ... I think this makes sense.

9:24 Except, in ASCII we don't get 1 to 26, we get 64+1 to 64+26 or 65 to 90.

9:46 What is 2/3*1000 rounded off to whole numbers?

666 or 667?

I'd say 667 is the veritable 2/3 ...

V 86 080 06
E 69 140 15
R 82 220 17
I 73 290 20
T 84 370 24
A 65 430 29
B 66 490 35
L 76 560 41
E 69 620 50 - sorry, misrecalled, 670. I had recalled it as 667, my bad.

Here is a better one.

"the cat" and "the dog" could both be referred to as "the beast" (everyday meaning, not Apocalyptic). Now, check out the ASCII for the upper case, note that the 32s are seven, one for each lower case letter and one for the space.

T 84 080 04 | 441 443 (THECAT, THEDOG)
H 72 150 06 | 224 224 (the change)
E 69 210 15 | 665 667 (the cat, the dog)
C 67 270 22 D 68 270 23
A 65 330 27 O 79 340 32
T 84 410 31 G 71 410 33

Now, is there anything which can be termed any kind of beast which has an intermediate number?

Well, you could try going up from "the cat" to "the dat" - not much good.

Or you can go down from "the dog" to "the cog".

A cog in Medieval naval sense can be considered a "beast of burden" - comparable to donkeys or horses or oxen or camels carrying merchandise or drawing them behind them.

A cog in a much more modern sense, in a cogwheel, can be considered as a "beast of work" - comparable to a donkey tied to a pole walking round to make millstones grind ...

So, in a sense "the cog" can be considered as a kind of beast. Also, it is of metal, which in Antiquity was considered as modification of element earth.

(Cogs were of wood, of trees that grew in earth, inland, not in the sea).

AND treating men like cogs in a machinery is very emblematic of totalitarianism - precisely as required by the Apocalypse 18:13 context.

10:34 In fact, the reading 616 already existed in the day of St Irenaeus of Lyons.

And he said, "no it's 666".

He had tradition from a man (St Polycarp, or St Papias) who had known St. John, who must already have heard of it.

Since St Irenaeus explicitly excluded 616, he must have known "no, it's not Nero, he's already gone".

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