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Trish Regan's Comment

FBN's Trish Regan addresses commentary on Denmark
E D | 23.VIII.2018

Just before 3:13, I am from Sweden, very close to Denmark - my part of Sweden even used to be Danish, up to 26. februar 1658 (checked Danish wiki for the Roskilde peace treaty, and in the then Scandinavia, as in the then England, this was still Julian calendar).

Studying for free ... I don't think the Danish study loan system is all that different from the Swedish one.

Checking Danish wiki:

"SU-stipendier skal i modsætning til SU-lån ikke tilbagebetales."

This means, SU (States' Educationsupport) usually comes in loans. As in Sweden.

I mentioned this drawback in this post, and "dissed" doesn't mean he said something worse about Trish Regan than the known FB post, it is my analysis of that one.

Anyway, here is my blogpost:

New blog on the kid : Jon Arskog who Dissed Trish Regan

I'd have liked a debate with Arskog on what socialism "for the needy" is doing to the needy, how much legal kidnapping (a k a CPS) and a few things like that. He declined, as Danish speakers can see from my quote from his letter.

"there is no political debate about the welfare system"

= victims of CPS, psychiatry, abortion, in Sweden, but not Denmark compulsory nearly always public school do not get any voice in politics.

If we aren't grateful for the resources spent on us, we are presumably too dumb to understand anything about politics and therefore can't do politics.

There is a broad unity about that one in Sweden, Socialdemokraterna, Moderaterna, Centerpartiet, Sverigedemokraterna, Kristdemokraterna, Liberalerna too, I presume, and in most questions also Vänsterpartiet (Commies) and Miljöpartiet (Green / Ecologist). These are the political parties in Sweden. In the parliament, that is. All ninth party voting is considered as useless as third party voting in US.

Btw, in Sweden kings are not elected, prime ministers are basically elected by parliament, though formerly kings had a say, and parliamentarians come from circumscriptions with several elective places, so, first party with majority gets a place, then its voters are reduced to half, then there is the competition for next seat, whoever gets that has its voters reduced too ... meaning, voting small parties makes more sense "here", but even "here" not too small ones.

Since Social Democrats have often had coalition governments with Commies, and Commies have often wavered around the 4 % limit, many convinced Social Democrats have voted Commie to make sure their governement gets its normal coalition partner. It's known as "comrade 4 %".

Guess how friendly SD governments are to Christian schools? But the patriotic party, like Sverigedemokraterna being in some ways like Tea Party (esp. about immigration) is NOT a whit better in this respect.

"Socialism is not the way"

Hear, hear!

I spelled there "here" in quotation marks, bc I am expatriate. I live in Paris. Region. On the streets and in libraries, so to speak.

FBN's Trish Regan Took a Shot at Denmark [UPDATE] Not so Fake after all
E D | 15.IX.2018

3:22 "this is a real problem, because they are heavily in debt"

Sure, and part of the debt is study loan debt. The payback rules are generous and as having no taxable income, I should not be charged yet, BUT, Swedish study loan system is counting in French tax system accepting my declarations of no income, if I have none, while French tax collectors have the attitude "you have no income, don't bother us with a declaration", and therefore are not gving me any documents I can show the Swedish study loan system.

MEANWHILE some freemasons are over here (for real, in France) spreading rumours of my quitting Sweden to avoid paying back. That's not exactly what would have happened, if I had remained in Sweden, my paying back, I would have gone from one statistics category not paying back (those studying, often accepting more study loan) to another (those taking the dole). Bc I would have had to ask social services for a new appartment after missing my share in ma's (which she lost) after hesitating too long over applying for study loan and therefore getting the accepted application (not yet money) too late.

BUT, as they do that, they successfully block my carreer as a writer.

And I think, after having been an eternity student, so to speak - five years' and one week worth of studies and exams in seven years' actual presence at university, I think getting some money for what I write would be better than getting back to prolonging once more the "eternity student" situation.

And either would be better than get an low qualifications and ill paid job, after what I spent at university.

4:52 Back in 2016 the paper Politikken wrote, video team provided a translation to English "Academics in Copenhagen are at high risk of becoming long-term unemployed. New report shows that 60 percent of the unemployed [academics] are at risk. Among the newly educated, it is up to every third who is out of work."

I added "academics" ... and there are about 5000 unemployed Academics in Copenhagen.

6:23 Are you aware that this world socialist party sounds eerily like a Danish freemason, Martinus?

He wrote among other things, in the world socialist state, unemployment would not exist, everyone would be allotted work and studies in their free time, by the governing élite (who are of course exclusively an élite because of their personal virtue and integrity). Of course your talents and interests will be taken into account - by those in the élite deciding what job you get and what you are to study in your free time. So far, from memory, one page in Martinus.

It made me vomit (figuratively speaking) when I was 13 and I don't like it better now, I recently had opportunity to recheck that.

Now, get me right. In Sweden and Denmark you have Conservatives - accepted as such by their countrymen - supporting this idea.

If "Conservatives" are that socialist what will the Socialists be like?

For my part, I like Chesterton. Government should be able to limit profits (like so management and workers aren't all working too much for a bunch of shareholders and banks) and company sizes.

But property should remain private and not be overtaxed.

Chesterton argued, fiscal socialism likes big business, bc those can afford paying more taxes.

So, smaller and more business, less taxes.

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