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Not quite agreeing with Emma Thorne

The UK is Minority Christian! But is it Minority White? No.
Emma Thorne | 7 Dec. 2022

4:21 OK, Tolkien was against Apartheid and he was (before going to Oxford and war) a Brummie ...

7:26 There is one foreigner in London I'd be happy to have back in his country of origin or parents' origin.

The mayor. Why? He's a nuisance to the homeless.

He put armchair things onto public benches, so one can't lie down on a bench (which is cleaner and dryer than the ground).

He put pegs on floors that are beside the street but under protruding parts of houses, so that one cannot put a sleeping bag down there ...

9:16 As you mentioned houseprices ....

10:33 A statistic of that borough would interest me.

Are they Catholics who believe in No Contraception?
Or Protestants who either don't believe in Genesis 38 at all or that Onan was killed solely for not doing the duty to the brother?

The second would kind of explain why they have the oldest average age in Europe ..

14:01 "their refusal to modernise"

On the contrary, like the Catholic establishment in France, which has modernised to the point of ceasing to be Catholic, it's their insistance on modernising too much.

14:22 Rationality is on the decline when Christianity goes down ...

Dawkins prefers stamping Christian Creationists as Ignorant or Brain Fuddled over actually debating their propositions, most of the time.

He does take some oral debates, I've seen, but usually people he can talk down to and who have little Creation Science if any prepared.

15:42 "proper Christian Christian, CoE all the way"

Since CSL died in 1963 - is that still possible? To combine the two?

15:45 Biblically, you are wrong.

"biblically, you're always supposed to be the minority"

Nope. Matthew 28:16-20 mentions all nations.

NOT "minorities within all nations" - on the contrary, all nations as entire nations.

Reread that passage (by the way, "all days" precludes the premise for the Reformation, sorry, the real spelling is of course with a D, but so many use R instead ...)

16:14 Narrow path ... ah, that passage.

First, there are lots of Christians who know very well how to get to Heaven, and then don't do it (Henry VIII was a case in point, he never became a Protestant).

Second, it would statistically be true in a population where most go to Heaven in the end, if most who do convert only very late to the narrow path. Like doctor says "you have six months to live" and patient goes "I need to get right with God!" - that is a thing.

Third, St. Thomas considered that most men overall go to Hell, but most Catholics to Heaven (though for most, like converting to a good life six months before death, it involves some stay in Purgatory). There are saints who have contradicted him and said even most Catholics get damned, though.

Anyway, no, it doesn't add up to Christian majority in a given nation being Biblically an anomaly.

16:26 The non-surprise is of course in a sense correct - if we think we are living in the end times.

Do we?

16:33 Yeah exactly, Apocalypse 19 (or 13 or whichever) we - and I hope to remain faithful if facing that - will be reduced to a persecuted minority.

You know, it is usually easier to persecute a minority if it becomes a minority first ....

19:03 In France actually ethnic statistics are illegal.

Those who want to make points like that of Mr. Farage here (and I like some of them for other reasons, like hating abortion) will usually resort to statistics on:
  • drepanocytosis
  • first names.

And base an estimate off that.

Is it possible that some inside source leaked out to Farage what they are not telling the people that there is already an inofficial plan to use the French model? I don't know. And if NF believes it, he could also have overrated the reliability of some rumour.

19:15 "because of reasons"

When Lola was killed, recently, some details point to a North African ritual of Satanistic Human Sacrifice.

That would perhaps be a reason.

When there are many immigrants, and still minorities, they can feel persecuted, feed angers against people perceived as racist - has happened to me a lot, and I am not saying this to make a point for NF.

20:30 And they have taken special care not to mention him by name when saying "no, this is completely wrong" - a devious tactic of gatekeeping.

With him, he still has lots of followers and a living. It's more toxic if it targets a writer who's somewhat ill-known and therefore still poor.

21:27 My guess about the culture lots of prominent right wingers live in.

They don't go to wikipedia. They don't go to quora either for recommended answers or for better ones not recommended. They don't go to ONS or BBC and their fact checks ... wait - can you check the dates for when NF said it and when the fact checks came? Perhaps they weren't even there (they shouldn't have been that if your theory is correct).

What they massively do go to is important people sharing inside information including others' inside information.

A good way not to be duped by conspiring mainstream media, but not a good way to avoid being duped by the incompetence of the de facto hearsay system as a system.

I asked Douglas Macgregor to say from what sources he claimed that Ukraineans were killing their own, and wondered, if the sources were Russian ones. I got no answer. The post where I shared the comments is dated to Tuesday, November 29, 2022, so it's a bit more than two weeks this hasn't been answered.

The same guys who make a point of taking things from important people's inside information also sometimes make one of not communicating with a blogger whom (supposedly) no one reads (not what my statistics from blogger keep saying ... but I could of course be fooled by someone faking readers that aren't there, over 2000 per day in France, over 3000 per day in the world, last stat).

22:05 "housing, education"

The more diverse a society becomes, the more it will depend on centralised education for cohesion.

That's one drawback of diversity. It hands over too much power to state-sponsored schools and to curricula makers who are often just so wrong.

22:35 Yes, some ethnic groups are disproportionally affected by homelessness - and still able to disproportionately look down on the homeless.

Not all do, but the numbers of those that do is actually part of why I am, not more racist, but less anti-racist, than I used to be.

There are others making up for it or trying to.

So there are in the "traditional majority" ethnicity.

22:42 Some groups are disproportionately affected by both homelessness and lack of education? Well, one attitude is "interesting, then we can change that!"

But another is "don't tell NF how many that concerns" - since he will obviously ask how many have tried and for how long to change it.

23:50 How many hate crimes are perpetrated by immigrants?

How many of these are between immigrant groups? I saw Turks and Arabs in Rosengård, but only read in the news of the riots every Friday evening.

How many of these are against the traditional majority ethnicity over supposed racism from it?

24:47 Here I see you cheering on hate crimes.

Similar to ones I have been exposed to.

Certainly, not the most serious hate crime possible, not as serious as what I had last Holy Saturday morning, but still a hate crime. Or hate misdemeanor.

If you like to diminish hate crimes, how about diminishing hate misdemeanors? If you like to diminish hate misdemeanors, how about not cheering them on?

25:02 I would rather say, he has shown a little incompetence, and undetected as it was by himself, a zeal to spread what he took for his competence.

Are you related to him? I saw some similarity in facial features and you both have brown eyes.

26:18 Do you have any more direct evidence for NF hating Irish and Roma (which would be a bad thing) than his not including stats from them in "us"?

Obviously, you said "if you hate" etc ... but someone who thought NF more coherent with ONS stats than he was could get an impression from you that he did, which would be a bad thing if true, but also a bad thing to say about him if not true.

26:53 I do care about how much contraception makes an otherwise perhaps reasonable immigration get unreasonable effects of disrupting cohesion and value systems.

I wasn't happy when a black man in Sweden got a certain Tintin (guess which one) out of a public library, or when another one, married to CPS, headed a profit making company of how to take careof children removed from parents. One of them is spreading hysteria about racists, and the other hysteria about bad parenting. And both hysterias are bad.

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