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A Remaining Catholic

New survey shows why Catholics leave the Church
The Counsel of Trent | 9 Dec. 2021

11:33 My mother treated me at age 9 - 15 as capable of asking hard questions. After 15, administration made sure we were separate most of the school year, but still.

That's when the more or less Evangelical Fundie became a Catholic - without ceasing to be Fundie, via Lutheranism.

9 - 15 by contrast was when a former Evolutionist discovered the Gospels, the Apocalypse and Genesis, in a Fundie way.

16:00 Please note, there is a kind of equivocation among Novus Ordo and some trads.

A person with SSA - what does that person do? Can he marry, should he be celibate?

By marry, I obviously mean someone of the opposite sex.

Now, Joseph Sciambra who just left for Russian Orthodoxy and "Cardinal" Arborelius have come out on one end - homosexuals should not attempt marriage.
Chaput who was recently replaced in Philadelpha, came out on the other end. He said, specifically, they are free to marry, obviously someone of the opposite sex, and his successor as Novus Ordo non-bishop of Philly told the gay community "we are sorry for Chaput's version of conversion therapy" - which I suppose means precisely that.

Where are my own stakes on the question?

  • While I was in Sweden, a land with very harsh laws against homophobia, I found it tactical to say "God doesn't hate homosexuals as long as they don't commit sodomy" and "no, this doesn't mean homosexuals can't have sex, they can still marry someone of the opposite sex" - I also found and still find it true.
  • If a pastoral involves "homosexuals should not attempt marriage" this may, combined with allegations about someone being homosexual add up to an intrigue stopping someone from marrying. I think my continued poverty and celibacy, both involuntary by now, and also not hallowed by any current vow, may owe something to this type of pseudo-pastoral.

Which, frankly, seems to be pleasing to the gay community, because it chases SSA people away from Catholicism and from the rejection of sodomy. It also seems to be rising, to judge from the replacement in Philadelphia.

16:20 I agree on the brainwashing.

Adults who get into "cults" more or less usually recognised as such, who are therefore suspected of being brainwashed by many, not sure if that's true, usually spend about 200 - 300 hours of adult life with the instructors from the cult, before becoming "card-carrying members" ... maybe no big deal, actually, could be normal for RCIA.

Now, how much time is a young Swede spending in school just the compulsory 1st to 9th grade?

I calculated it was sth like 800 - 900 hours. And it starts with people who are that same year having their 7th birthday. It is not chosen by the parents. Homeschooling and Christian free schools are very restricted in Sweden. The society functions as a cult.

16:44 You mean reliable surveys say 1 - 2 % outright predominantly Homosexual or you mean 1 - 2 % some kind of degree on the Kinsey scale and including predominantly hetero occasional bisexuals?

Because, LGBTQ - especially B and Q - normally would include for instance predominantly hetero occasional bisexuals.

The Q part can also include total heterosexuals who are into BDSM.

I am fairly confident the 40 % of gen Z who identify as LGBTQ are not all predominant homosexuals. But I am also concerned that exclusive homosexuality has become more prevalent, because people actually can be conditioned to it.

I had a conversation in 1995 or 1996 with a colleague or former colleague as teacher (grades 7 - 9). He told me that some remote Polynesian (or Papuan?) societies with lots less gender roles are also according to anthropologists he believed totally free from homosexuality. I am not sure if this is true.

But I am fairly confident that males in the Stuart line have about equal predisposition to being feminine between Medieval kings and King James and the recent still alive case of Francis of Bavaria. By contrast, machism has not been equal in the societies, and King James was clearly predominantly homosexual, while still a married man, Francis of Bavaria is unmarried, and some Jameses of Scotland in the Middle Ages were just artistic and still without even homosexual scandals.

I am not saying that feminine males who meet too much machism growing up are the only conditioned recruits to homosexual identification, but they are among them.

This means, conditioning to homosexuality is a now fairly prevalent danger.

18:24 At 54, if I want a fruitful marriage, I need to marry someone younger than myself.

That's what I'm looking for anyway, getting back what I lost in teens and twenties.

You defend the sanctity of a couple where both are 85 - do you so also with a couple where the man is 85 and the wife is 55?

Because, historically, Catholicism doesn"t sneer at that kind of age disparity. The modern world does.

So, if you lived in the area of Paris where I stay ... if you saw me smiling in a somewwhat suggestive way to ladies clearly younger than myself - would you be among the guys who said "beware of that pedo" or among the guys who said "he has a right to look for a wife"?

In the latter case, why are you involved in blocking me out from getting an income as your colleague?

Jimmy Akin obviously has his agenda on this issue, since he's Evolutionist. Are you equally against Catholicism in the public eye being sometimes identified with a YEC? Because, if you are, I would need to count you as my persecutors.

The parish right five minutes walk from where I have my luggage pretty certainly is Jimmy-Akin-ing, and by now perhaps also encouraging or being more tolerant of disparity shaming.

20:51 29 % unhappy with teachings about the Bible.

This is very vague. It could involve those going:
  • Atheist / None over Catholics being too affirming of Biblical authority (like disagreeing with Bart)
  • Evangelical over their experience of Catholics being too un-Fundie
  • Orthodox over either combined with Catholics preferring Vulgate OT over LXX.

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