Saturday, December 10, 2022

Do Institutions need to be forgiven?

Forgiveness is Not the Same as Reconciliation
Ascension Presents | 5 Jan. 2022

0:48 Rooted in justice.

So, suppose I have been hurt fairly substantially in the past by a certain institution. Suppose I forgive those involved back then as persons, is that enough, or do I need to "forgive" the actual institution rather than considering it a bad one?

2:53 Would you consider the fact of being hurt by an institution as a reasonable reason to ask as a minimum it leaves me alone for the remainder of my life?

I am here presupposing:
  • I did not need it then
  • I do not need it now.

The institution was in my life acting as precisely an unwelcome intruder, and if it came back, it would still be an unwelcome intruder.

5:11 And if the institution in question is absolutely not one a man is normally meant to have a lifelong relationship to ...

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