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Michael Lofton took on Ryan Foley

Protestant Storms Catholic Pulpit and Preaches Heresy
Reason & Theology, 1.VI.2023

8:18 Thank God, my by and large Protestant days in Vienna were never like that, except ... I kept Saturday as the Sabbath and boycotted Christmas, celebrating Sukkot as the real birth of Our Lord.

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we saw his glory, the glory as it were of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

Dwelt - also "took dwelling" or "took tabernacle" ... what Jewish feast would you chose, if you rejected Christmas? Some are now going for Easter, or for the season when lambs are born to be slaughtered at Easter. With us, it was Sukkot.

9:14 I never accepted that kind of thing.

Whether Novus Ordo is, or isn't, whether Diocese of Paris (since 1920 or 1947) is or isn't, Catholicism as a whole, clearly isn't that, and I venerated the other Tabernacles too, the ones you find in Catholic Churches and not Jewish calendars.

I actually started to take my distance from Luther over finding in his letter to Bohemians (Hussites) that he initiated that kind of thing you find in 7DA about Catholicism.

12:49 Red Jesus with horns or Catholics afterwards telling him the Bible isn't true sounds like other untruths from him.

15:19 Ryan Foley can obviously take down his own video on TikTok.

I'm not sure of US law, but according to French law, Ryan Foley would have the right to demand you take down this video, if and when he takes down his own, because it shows him in a light he doesn't want to be in.

When people I've responded to on blog posts have taken down comments or videos, I have noted this.

On a blog post, I noted explicitly "so and so has taken down the video, so she should no longer be held to the views I am interacting with here" and if she had insisted, she might have obliged me to take the post down.

I'm happy she didn't, bc I enjoyed my answer, but then again, I was not as dismissive of her as you are of Mr. Foley.

17:03 "that Protestants really tend to get aggravated with Catholics about"

Not me back when I was Protestant, me and ma used to pray Our Father three times a day, basically like later on Angelus.

And please note, I was that kind of Protestant as opposed to Lutheran, Catholicising Lutheran, Catholic, only up to c. 15.

Never had any beef against formal prayers, started praying Our Father a year before I gave my life to Jesus (c. 9 vs c. 10).

My problem with praying the Rosary right now is, it contains "Our Father" and my problem with saying "Our Father" is "sicut et nos dimittimus" - I do have a hard time forgiving Catholics who pretend I'm still Protestant, just because I reject Evolution and Deep Time, and Deep Space too!

Or Protestants who think I should get off Catholicism or get off even small doses of alcohol, or at least have such balanced by big doses of food. I did get big doses of food yesterday at only one small Tsing Tao, and as a result, apart from bad results about chastity, I am finding my eyes dim hours after I woke.

19:01 From the feed.

Patrick C Schizophrenic people sometimes believe they are in the movies they watch and books they read. Thank God he didnt think he was Jesus in the temple with the money changers.

Is Patrick C a "Catholic"? If he accepts psychiatry and diagnoses like "schizophrenia" he may be part of what Apocalypse 18 talks about. That's not traditionally the Catholic position.

When I tried to find the date for "Assisi II" alias Sant'Egidio during the Balkan war, the Catholic paper I came across also said Antipope Wojtyla (obviously not calling him so) was making some kind of deal with psychiatry. Or some kind of reconciliation. Up to the 90's, lots of Communist political psychiatry, and similar, had been roughly condemned by the Church as scientific fraud and as real persecution, of opposition, and of Christians.

Opponents (whether Christian or nationalist or both) under a totalitarian régime often do find themselves in a drastic and dramatic setting reminiscent of spy thrillers. Reacting like that, or reacting like one is the hero who did traffic regulation for tanks in Moscow after similar things in Beijing had massacred people in Tian An Men in 1989.

Rushing into a Catholic pulpit to "preach to Catholics" is an act of daring that Book of Martyrs (updated online version, not original edition by Fox, but one involving Colas case in Voltaire's time) attributes to a relative of William Penn. We can be glad Foley didn't try to preach against the Real Presence, as that guy did.

Or supposedly did. The episode may be apocryphal, it was an Englishman visiting Spain. Btw, I am not sure if that or someone else was the relative of William Penn, I think the latter.

21:04 The popularity of "dad" may actually come from hyperliteralism on this one.

Ah, He said "father" and He didn't say anything about "dad" - they would probably go.

By the way, rejecting hyperliteralism is actually not a reason to reduce what Jesus said to zero.

So what exactly was He forbidding?

Getting a mentor for earthly affairs.

Or at least honouring the mentor more than God and God's representatives.

A certain parish, supposed to be "Catholic" was, a few years or so ago, offering me, as a solution to my homelessness, to get room mates with an older man, probably under the hope he would function as mentor to me.

Btw, I have access to the Haydock comment, so, here we go:

Ver. 9-10. Call none your father ... Neither be ye called masters, &c. The meaning is, that our Father in heaven is incomparably more to be regarded, than any father upon earth: and no master is to be followed, who would lead us away from Christ. But this does not hinder but that we are by the law of God to have a due respect both for our parents and spiritual fathers, (1 Corinthians iv. 15,) and for our masters and teachers. (Challoner)

This name was a title of dignity: the presidents of the assembly of twenty-three judges where so called; the second judge of the sanhedrim, &c. (Bible de Vence)

Nothing is here forbidden but the contentious divisions, and self-assumed authority, of such as make themselves leaders and favourers of schisms and sects; as Donatus, Arius, Luther, Calvin, and innumerable others of very modern date. But by no means the title of father, attributed by the faith, piety, and confidence of good people, to their directors; for, St. Paul tells the Corinthians, that he is their only spiritual Father: If you have 10,000 instructors in Christ, yet not many Fathers. (1 Corinthians iv. 15.)

So , at a minimum, I need to not accept a mentor who would go against my Catholic conscience.

25:22 A common understanding is, this refers to forbidding all marriage, like Gnostics, Marcionites and Albigensians do.

However, if one can understand it as forbidden some to marry, well, there are Catholics who consider homosexuals should not marry.

Note, I am not complaining about banning "gay marriage" - that's not marriage. I am talking of the thing homosexuality makes one less prone to.

There are also people who would forbid people of dubious genes to procreate, which Pope Pius XI condemned in Casti Connubii.

Obviously, obeying a one child policy or a two child policy as in China or India (at least recently) is not living out one's marriage, so that too. And in those cases, it would in fact be forbidding all married people to properly live their marriage.

27:32 Two problems with your interpretation here.

1) If we are in or close to Last days, we don't find Gnostics, so that's not what it's referring to.

2) The more natural reading is not "forbid marriage and [enjoin] abstinence from meats" but "forbid marriage and [forbid] abstinence from meats"

What does that do to someone, if he can neither have licit sex nor bolster his chastity by fasting?

Well, it either makes him unchaste or irritable, or both. Either condition or both of them, can be used to observe someone in situations that make it likelier he can be effectively barred from marriage on so to speak psychiatric grounds.

The interpreters who spoke of Gnostics simply had not seen this one coming.

Yes, the verb can mean both forbid and enjoin, but using it in two opposed senses in the same sentence, with just different infinitives and the word itself occurring only once is a bit strained.

27:43 Fasting is also to be received with thanksgiving.

It is also a system of acts created by God.

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