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Ordering of The Commandments or Ten Words

Did Catholics Change the Ten Commandments?
Reason & Theology, 31.V.2023

2:40 You are, as former Eastern Orthodox, aware that St. John Chrysostom had and the Orthodox Church, for instance in the Catechism of Philaret of Moscow, has, the same division as he has?

That this "II commandment" is why, apart from Crosses and Crucifixes, the Orthodox only have flat painted icons?

Part of my reversion story was seeing the 12 apostles in a mezzo-rilievo or altorilievo on an early Christian (persecution era) coffin. In Arles, which actually has Christian archaeology from the era, unless it was Nîmes.*

6:52 In fact, Luther, following Exodus 20, took coveting the neighbours house (household) as 9.**

Coveting paternity over someone else's household is a power grab, while lechery and greed are both simple private selfishness.

Not usually a fan of Luther, as ex-Lutheran, but he may have had a point.

7:21 Yeah, exactly, St. Augustine enumerated so that "graven images" are only subsumed under strange gods. St. John Chrysostom, however, didn't.

Again, Jews do, since the first "word" ends in "who brought thee out from Egypt"***


* To back up my claim about Orthodox ordering, let's consult my side by side for Trentine Catechism with Philaret's Catechism.

Philaret : I & II = Trent I

Don't take the word of my post title, look up the exact text in two columns. The left column is Philaret of Moscow, and § 516 starts under the heading

On the Second Commandment.
516. What is a graven image, as spoken of in the second commandment? ...

Meanwhile, the right column, Trentine Catechism, just continues on the same commandment, while the subject changes to images.


The Longer Catechism of The Orthodox, Catholic, Eastern Church

Tridentine Catechism of the Holy Catholic Church

** See this image:

The Ten Commandments

*** 7 Secrets of The Hebrew Ten Commandments
magnify, 9 April 2023

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