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Two Liberty Related Videos with My Comments

The Vatican Tries To Silence Good Bishops With New Social Media Decree
Return To Tradition, 31.V.2023

2:02 Given that I am in fact after 10 000 written blog posts and a long since announced and often reannounced intention of finding an editor for publishing as books, and given that occasional complaints about this can in an elementary spiteful move of parody be misconstrued as me only harping on myself as a victim and that obviously then always and consequently "of everyone and everything" it is not impossible Bergoglio was aiming an uncercut at me.

I highly doubt that Strickland has had occasion to repeat complaints about any victimhood at all, as I have.

This one could aim me in two ways:
1) to others, "don't read him" (when the parish in Paris where I am reads the document, they can point this out)
2) to me (in case I am coherent enough to listen to "sense"), "you are not doing it right, you still have to learn"

These are two moves by which such people, and I include SSPX-clergy, very probably, have been in fact blocking me from getting readers (page view counts have made sudden drops, especially the one since late December, sudden surges have been interrupted, since December, they are constantly low in France, with few exceptions, higher in the US despite my living in Paris), and consequently people who'd like to be my editors, whether they were already in the business or only came to it on the prospect of editing me. If someone doesn't read me in the first place, he's very unlikely to become my editor.

Back in 2010 or 2011, I was going to the soup kitchen of St. Nicolas du Chardonnet. I talked to a young volunteer, found out she was into studies on "métiers du livre" and asked if she'd like to have a go at it. Back then, the posts were c. 1000. She seemed pretty sanguine about it.

When I got back to her, one or two weeks later, it was like:
  • I don't have time
  • correcting your French would take lots of time
  • don't harass me!

In the neighbourhood where I have had my sleeping bags before a closed down high school building, most of the time since first lockdown, I know a girl who studies translation (she told me Lord of the Rings was getting a new French translation, with Tolkien's verses actually translated as verses, not as prose lines of irregular length), and I gave her an offer (or directed her to my standing offer).
  • I'm not sure I have the time.

Both of them have obviously been talking to older people, and these ones have had more interest in telling young people in closeby business lines not to get into edition for me, than in helping them how to do it, if they wanted to.

Meanwhile, lots of people are making some fuss about offering me lessons to learn about writing. I enjoy now, as I enjoyed in my youth, advice on fiction writing. But my writing is mainly essays.

Including, but not limited to, explaining how carbon dates extending to 40 000 BP and beyond can fit into a Biblical timescale of Christ born 5199 after Creation and more to the point, 2957 years after the Flood (I'm referring to the Martyrology of 25 December). AND how this recalibration can be tested against archaeology and hold up with flying colours. AND how this involves identifying Babel with Göbekli Tepe AND how attack after attack on this identification simply fails AND what this is saying about Nimrod and by extension the Antichrist.

It starts feeling like some people are getting me out of earning money, for as long as I am not into their view of things (like a Babel in SE rather than NW Mesopotamia, Iraq rather than Turkey, like Judaism or Protestantism or Islam or Modernist Catholicism rather than Catholic AND Fundie, like any quirky solution to Distant Starlight problem for Young Universe, only NOT accepting Geocentrism as literal physical truth and therefore parallax phenomenon as not parallactic, alpha Centauri as not 4 light years away).

Reminds me of the kind of action the two beasts are said to take against those who refuse the mark.

Such people have impoverished me for quite long, what if you are next?

3:12 ... but sharing a personal encounter that has changed our lives! Without this, we have nothing to proclaim ...

I am very reminded of the kind of Evangelical who says you can't witness about the Resurrection of Christ based on the evidence, or the Creation of God by YEC apoloogetics, you need to do so only after and about when you were a sinner and when you were saved.

That's their reading of 1 Pt 3:15 But sanctify the Lord Christ in your hearts, being ready always to satisfy every one that asketh you a reason of that hope which is in you.

Not noting that this interpretation is at odds with Jn 5:31 If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true

Because, the kind of witness Evangelicals, the late Tony Palmer whom Bergoglio buried as a Catholic bishop, and Bergoglio himself seem to appreciate is a witness about "changes God made in my life" and hence about myself ...

8:44 Fine, there is an article 1 week before the document, that directly targets Strickland.

There are parts of the document that would fit that targetting.

But the part where the "Pope" (in an audience, not the document, if I got you right?) targets those who find themselves "victims of everyone and everything" sounds very little as if aimed at Strickland. He does not have the situation in which he would say things that could be construed as him being into "victim mentality" any more than such that could be construed as his "being a grifter" ... two US phrases that seem to be about as superstitious as "being a looser" ...

9:38 You may not appreciate this, but kind of a fair point.

If you accept that Bergoglio is "Pope Francis" the normal reaction to that would be to obey him.
If you find it hard to believe he is speaking like a Catholic, on the other hand, the normal reaction would be to ask whether he really is the Pope.

14:15 It's funny, the names below it are:
Paolo Ruffini (giornalista) (no article in English)
Lucio Adrián Ruiz (no article in English)

The one is a journalist, the other a biomedical engineer or scientist, the journalist a layman, the biomedica a "priest" (Novus Ordo orders).

Now, would a certain type of subculture with pretty high social standing, to which medical personnel often belong, have some kind of interest in clamping down on freedoms?

Check Pasternak and Kanye:

Kanye West Speaks On Sacrificing His Mom For Fame
Culture Covered, 17 Nov. 2022

10:12 any operation is a risk factor*
any pain killers are a risk factor

It is possible Donda was murdered, or it is possible, the medical corps miscalculated the risks, both times, perhaps especially the pain killers (20 in 20 hours, apparently).

I would actually not be above suspecting Donda was killed because she was a doctor and could have had sth to do with first time Kanye got out of the clutches of Pasternak's favourite institution (for others, not for himself, the part about "play date with ... just won't be the same again" is simply true about certain medications while they last).

People calling for Mr. West to be institutionalised are a hasard for public liberties.
* The comment here is under "Culture Covered" not under "Return to Tradition" ...

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