Thursday, May 18, 2023

Yes, Homosexual People Already Had the Right to Marry

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And I mean marry, not enter into legally "marriage equal" relations with someone of the same sex.

I'm not homophobic, but if we allow gays to marry, wouldn't that mean they would pass the gay gene to their children?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Catholic convert, reading many Catechisms
Since you say sth about passing on genes, I suppose you mean real marriage, as per Genesis 1:28, as per Mark 10:6. One man, one woman.

Your question is not about whether gay marriage can exist, but whether homosexual people can have access to heterosexual marriage.

First of all, legally, and canonically in the Catholic Church, they already have that right. You formulate it as if it were a proposal about future legislation, it is in fact current legislation. Lots of people act, lawlessly, as if the legislation were otherwise. But according to current legislation, being homosexual is not an obstacle to getting married either in the United States or in the Catholic Church.

Josh Weed didn’t get in trouble for marrying Lolly.

Charles Chaput of Philadelphia reminded homosexuals who were married that they could only have heterosexual sex, inside marriage, and no sex either heterosexual or homosexual, outside, was allowed. He would not have had to make this reminder if there hadn’t been people in the Diocese of Philadelphia who were both homosexual as per predominant spontaneous attraction at first meeting, and heterosexually married with both marriage licence and Church wedding.

Second, I am highly annoyed at people who presume sth is forbidden, because they don’t like it, and ask “if we allow” as if it were a purely theoretical thing to just maybe allow in the future after further debate, and advicing against allowing it.

Third, I am even more annoyed at people who are against the passing on of genes. Eugenics was fortunately abolished in Germany and German occupied Austria in 1945, and a bit later, like the 70’s, in some other places. It was abolished for a reason. It destroyed people’s lives.

Fourth, there is no gay gene. More than one gene can contribute, and none of them can on its own determine, and not even all together can determine, a person becoming homosexual.

Fifth, and foremost: God never forbade it. God even made a point of warning against those who would like to forbid it. 1 Tim 4:3.