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Swiss Guards

Why The Popes Army Is The Strangest In The World
Thoughty2, 24 Jan. 2022

4:59* Switzerland to Rome, checked, 829,8 km.

Four months = 120 + days. Dec and Oct had 31, so 122 days.

6.8 km a day, I guess marching 200 together is slower than marching individually.

8:52** Union disputes with militaries are usually less dramatic, yes.

I would say Byzantines losing Sicily to Normans was one more than the sack of Rome, actually contributed to East-West Schism.

Not only did Popes not excommunicate Normans over rebelling in Byzantine Beneventum against Byzantine power (as Byzantines would view it), but the Normans were newly Christianised of the Western Rite, and one of the rulers made the huge mistake of forbidding some Greek monks to say Mass after the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, using leavened bread.

On Sicily, this was rectified after a few decades, maybe even before the schism. But Michael Caerularius repaid in kind ... and Pope St. Leo IX excommunicated him, via Cardinal Humbert.

* In the video it is noted it took the original guardsmen 4 months to get from Switzerland to Rome, arriving Jan 22 1506 to Julius II.
** In the video it the army of Charles V is said to loot Rome, not on his orders, but in a quarrel about payment - a "union dispute" ...

PS Speaking of funny dress, if a man wears a "cape with sleeves" he might not be cross-dressing, but identify with the Hussars wearing a mente:

Just a suggestion./HGL

PPS, don't ask me to prove myself worthy on a horseback, I'm a lousy rider./HGL

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