Monday, May 15, 2023

Who's Abusing?

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Why is "Getting Drunk" a Sin?
Dr Taylor Marshall, 14 May 2023

1:20 The same goes for hypnosis - while you are in it.

And sleep, while you are in it.

And the hypnotic states involved in going to confession or reciting the rosary.

If you check with Introibo, a Sedevacantist blogger and a lawyer, the earliest mention of hypnosis in Vatican definitions is, it is licit if done to procure natural results, but would be heretical to do to obtain supernatural results.

Compensating sleep privation and dousing stress are clearly natural effects, in and of themselves good, and therefore licit purposes for hypnosis.

Hugh Hutchins
Your making a point ☝️ . Meditation prayer , rosery , quiet reflection , might be self hypnosis. Maybe .

For sure being a salesman is sinful hypnosis . They're always using that Jedi trick on me .

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Hugh Hutchins Why do you open the door to them?

@Hugh Hutchins "Maybe ."

If not always, at least in ideal cases.

Rosary is God's hypnotherapy - or the Blessed Virgin's - hypnotic induction by repetition, therapeutic suggestions by the words and the 15 mysteries.

2:07 For some reason, Douay Rheims does not agree with your reading. Here is Douay Rheims:

Woe to you that rise up early in the morning to follow drunkenness, and to drink till the evening, to be inflamed with wine.

It so happens, addictologists are abusing the concept of "addiction" heavily, especially if they have some Evangelical, 7DA or Muslim cultural outlook.

Perhaps they are "addicted" to power.

For 5:22, you came at least somewhat closer to the Douay Rheims:

Woe to you that are mighty to drink wine, and stout men at drunkenness.

There is a following verse, that would seem to apply to people trying to stamp me as a drunkard (yes, such people do exist, unbelievable as it may be), here:

That justify the wicked for gifts, and take away the justice of the just from him.

A very good description of what shrinks, addictologists and likeminded seem to be up to with way more than half of their cases.

2:38 You would agree that Ephesians 5:18 is not speaking about alcohol doctors' definition of intoxication, like even from the first glass?

Because if not, you pretend priests sin when they celebrate Holy Mass.

Drunk is not euphoria of the first glass, as with eating chocolate, due to the calories, or slightly tipsy if you go beyond, drunk is when you continue past slightly tipsy.

2:48 Can we agree that the NT is briefer than the OT, so specifics on what "drunk" actually means can be taken from OT?

Isaias 5, verses 11 and 22.

The implication of what Heli told Hannah.

3:24 If certain persons, in order to cure your supposed drunkenness force you to an excess in food that's real gluttony, is it yours or theirs?

By "forcing" I mean things like:
  • giving you food while you beg for money for laundry
  • giving you food while you are asleep, so first thing you see when you wake up is a meal
  • keeping you irritated, since irritation increases the appetite
  • giving you food while you eat
  • forcing you to de facto negotiate a no thanks
and so on ...

4:03 I recall a poem of St. Brigid of Kildare, in which she wanted to offer the King of Glory a whole lake of beer ... probably not all for Himself, but clearly she was not aware the substance as such constituted immediate sin.

5:18 "if you cannot operate a vehicle you are drunk"

In the sense of "drunk driving" or the sense of Ephesians 5:18?

I think they are different.

Operating a vehicle takes lots of fine tuning and quick reaction capacity well beyond the actions of free will and sound intellect.

And what if you cannot operate a vehicle for another reason? Like sleep privations? They will make you look wasted next day too.

6:03 Ah yes, there we are.

Actually drinking with food comes in more categories than just mirth. That too.

Recall St. Paul to St. Tim, about not only drinking water? He was alluding to some medical condition.

So, imagine someone from experience knows:

  • three cl pure alcohol will make him pee well before he goes to bed
  • and will not make him even buzzed half of the time

I think taking a pint of beer or a half pint of red wine is clearly licit for this reason - especially if lack of the measure means being too awake of one wakes up at 3 am, or even 2 am, and being more at risk for doing so.

6:31 In Spain, the tradition is not to wait to Santiago before you take some wine or beer.

Con pan y vino se hace el camino.

Alcohol has these properties, that are very relevant:
  • it gives you calories to walk with
  • and it does not burden your bowels with solids so you need to s***te more than twice as often as usual.