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Allie Beth Stuckey Too

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'Loving the Foreigner' Means Opposing Illegal Immigration | Guest: Barry Latzer | Ep 807
Allie Beth Stuckey, 18.V.2023

I jumped forward to the section "Psychiatric care and crime."

44:32 shutting someone up for "serious mental disorders" and adding medication = life sentence + torture.

Chesterton's novel Manalive features an improvised court case.
Prosecutors claim Innocent Smith needs to be institutionalised.
Defense claims he's a normal and cool person.

On the prosecution side, one Pym mentions the "modern morality" with the compassion that Barry Latzer considers as such.
He's countered (or even interrupted) by a friend of Innocent, who says:
"we know the modern morality - the old morality shut a man up for a year for stealing, the new morality shuts him up for life for cleptomania"

44:58 Way too many are still open, and still providing jobs for too many mental health personnel, and destroying too many lives of patients.

45:14 Probably Mr Neely got something that was far too close to continuing care for his taste, and he chose the way to get out of it ... he made sure to get himself killed.

I saw a mention his father had said he was not taking his medication, this means such a horrible thing was already foisted on him.

45:37 AND he's advocating for hospitalising people on the streets TOO.

A curse on this evil man!

46:06 He's calling absence of the worst form of modern slave hunt, except perhaps the absolutely dirtiest parts of sex traficking, a "dangerous policy" ...

He is a Calvinist who is repeat offending the Muslim case for slave hunting piracy. Trying to verify Calvinist confession, found nothing about his confession, no doubt about his Calvinist culture.

46:42 The beast's head was wounded.

Both East Block Communism and Psychiatry seemed to get the head wound at the same time, and now so many, even otherwise good people, seem to argue for KGB agent Putin or for shrinks. I e for healing the beast's head, and either of them is capable of false miracles.

47:14 He pretends it is a large percentage of the homeless.

Candace Owens pretended 9 / 10 were either mentally ill or drug addicts. I fact checked her.

I found numbers:
"alcohol abuse affects 30% to 40% and drug abuse 10% to 15%"
"30-35% of those experiencing homelessness, and up to 75% of women experiencing homelessness, have mental illnesses."

I forgot to reduce the 30 + 10 to 40 + 15 % by getting how many combine drugs and alcohol abuses.
But I did find the overlap for substance abuse and mental illness.

Largest possible number of people either abusing or mentally ill is, on my calculation:
40 + 15 + 35 - 20 % = 60 %
Smallest possible number of them is:
30 + 10 + 30 - 25 % = 45 %.

This means 40 to 55 % are clean both ways, and as said, rather more, since I forgot to calculate the overlap between alcohol and drugs.

THEN even this is too many dangerous percentages, since both substance abuse and mental illness are overestimated and overdiagnosed by people who want power, and especially so with homeless, by people who want power and have prejudices against the homeless, and even more so among homeless women.

They are victims of:
  • machism among homeless
  • anti-homeless prejudice among women
  • and the overlap between femininity and some of the mental symptoms.

Hear me out - I am not saying femininity is a mental symptom or feminine traits should be considered so, but I am saying that psychiatry has a history of bullying women. I e of making things actually very feminine into things THEY consider as mental symptoms.

47:42 A family "advocating" for someone getting hospitalised is the very reverse of advocating for them

Shane Keough
Considering hospitalization is always about pumping people up on Pharma, I would agree with you. Our allopathic system is a wreck and does not "heal" anyone, only creates more dependent pharma users. But there has to be an option to help people who are being harmed by mentally ill homeless.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Shane Keough How about prison or other penalties according to law for those doing the harming?

Most people who are homeless and most people who are (considered as or actually) mentally ill are not harming anyone.

49:49 As you mentioned halfway houses, this brings up the continuity of care policy.

US (most states and cities) have it, and it means:
  • you first show caregivers (in halfway houses and so on) you are fit
  • you then get an apartment, tied to some deal of continued contact with caregivers of those types.

Finland instead has housing first policy:
  • you are (not everyone, but Finnish citizens) given an appartment on fairly generous conditions
  • you then can apply for mental health care or addiction disintoxication if you feel you need it.

  • A) Quite a lot have lots harder time to showing themselves "capable" if they are on the street or in halfway houses.
  • B) Quite a lot who don't apply for care are still lots better off by simply having an apartment.
  • C) And this obviously without counting the people who actually didn't need care in the first place, contrary to certain ideologues, and would have been worse off for the constraints in applying it
  • D) And also not counting that halfway houses and other parts of the care system (including obviously closed mental hospitals) are wasting lots of tax money on counterpruductive, tyrannous measures, involving too many fairly paid experts in bullying and too many well paid for medications that are chemical torture.

And please note, I am not saying this as applying for a housing first programme, I am in fact a fairly productive writer, I am trying to get someone to get my work on the internet onto paper. Some young people should be interested, but they are probably blocked by parents or older people in the neighbourhood, or Leftist prejudices plus some fairly wild versions about what I actually stand for and what I actually did.

50:58 No, the horror stories were not exaggerated.

Too many mental health providers basically no more than just lost a job, they should have gone to prison and sometimes death row, in countries where death penalty is a thing.

52:27 Some public are very abusively poking into some homeless people's affairs, in order to "advocate" a "taking care of" ....

I have had trousers stolen, one a Netherlandish 18th C. peasant pant, and one Renaissance breeches, I have had dirty underwear placed in my things, to paint me as the dirty stinko, I had a hood stolen of the type they used in the Late Middle Ages, and with an URL to my YEC blog "Creation vs. Evolution" ...

I have had people come up to me every five minutes to say "hello how are you" who were people who only said that, only to disturb me, and that to test I wasn't an aggressive person, and how many of them painted me as "psychotic" just because of an angry "I don't like that question" or "too many people ask me that" - I don't know. That obviously when I am with my luggage, sleeping, eating, reading, sewing ...

When I am off my luggage, in a cyber or a library, on the internet, I have had people speaking of it when I came back as if I had been on a binge night in bars. Or something.

52:21 Without stepping over needles?
In Paris that problem doesn't exist. Basically.

Do you know why? Bc Paris has free needle exchange. Even a junkie will prefer to get the needle after use to one of those automats where in return they get a fresh needle.

In 14 years in the Paris region, most weeks in Paris some time, and nearly all of the time between First Confinement and recently when I got a library card, in Paris, I have seen extremely few needles lying around. Two or possibly three.

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