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Father John Clears King Charles III, I Clear Myself Before Him

A Priest Abroad, 15 May 2023

3:08 3500 BC is perhaps a carbon 14 date?

If so, it coincides with the carbon 14 date for the evacuation of En Geddi - which is also Asason Tamar, which was evacuated by Amorrhaeans in a context probably given in Genesis 14.

But Abraham did not live 3500 BC. According to the Roman martyrology for Christmas Day, he was born 2015 BC.

However, that means, Genesis 14 happened c. 1935 BC, around when Abraham was 80, since after the visit to Egypt which was after the vocation, and since before the birth of Isaac.

And that means, the actual year 1935 BC carbon dates as 3500 BC. This in turn means that what you just dated to "3500 BC" is in actual fact from close on 1935 BC - if the "3500 BC" is obtained by carbon 14, that is.

3:30 3000 BC? Still carbon date?

1778 B. Chr.
0.859766 pmC/100, so dated as 3028 B. Chr.

0.859766 pmC/100 = 85.9766 pmC.

So, this is from my tables, which not only with near certainty presume En Geddi "3500 BC" is Asason Tamar in Genesis 14, but also that Joseph was Imhotep and therefore Joseph's pharao was Imhotep's pharao, namely Djoser, with a raw carbon date of 2800 for a real date of c. 1700 BC, perhaps a decade or two earlier.

If this assumption is true, then the layout mirroring Orion would have been from 1778 BC. 157 years after Genesis 14, but not 500 real years after a real 3500 BC date.

12:20 depending on how fast the earth is spinning

May I remind you, there is at least a tension between today's feast, Ascension, and its implication, and Heliocentrism and it's Deep Space implications.

See my blog "Creation vs Evolution" (where you will also find "New Tables") and the article "Where did Jesus Go?"

13:58 I am not a perennialist in that sense.

If you speak of Pope Leo XIII calling St. Thomas along with Duns Scotus "philosophia perennis" with the implication that this is also true of some pagan philosophers, Plato and Aristotle, yes, I am a perennialist in that sense, which Chesterton and Lewis clearly also extend to Natural law in the Thomistic sense.

15:14 Was there any one who tried to get a gematria of 6-hundred - 6-ty - 6 to his name or title with name?

I have some gematrias of that value on some other guys, but failed to find one on him.

Do you think Elisabeth II was "the lioness" in Daniel?

15:51 Do you believe sacred geometry can be sacred in the sense of pointing to Him?

8 is the number of people on the Ark, and the number of hagiographers of the NT, except for those counting Hebrews as written by someone else than St. Paul.

To draw an octagon, you need to draw a cross ...

16:15 I totally agree on that one.

I am trying to the best of my ability to not keep it secret that octagons are drawn by crosses.

I also try to the best of my ability to not keep it secret that rising levels of carbon 14 can explain, not just in general, but in very minute detail, how a scale of carbon dates that extends beyond Biblical chronology perfectly fits into the real time-scale of the Biblical chronology (for which I am using Roman Martyrology, knowing from Church Historian Borgehammar, a Catholic, it was adopted by the martyrology in Rome (Usuardus being before the Roman Martyrology as per Trentine decree) from the Historia scholastica, which had it from St. Jerome's calculation, and St. Jerome partly basing his one Julius Africanus.

Quite a lot of this is abstruse, like Tolkien's interest in Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon Runes, none of it is esoteric, unlike that liar who pretended Tolkien asked the Illuminati for permission to "reveal occult knowledge" .... but you know, there are people who are so dumbed down in culture, they can't see the difference between abstruse and esoteric. The kind of people who believed John Todd's lie, and probably also ordered him to the false witness, in order to spread a lie that they already believed.

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