Monday, October 30, 2023

One-sided reporting?

Hamas Using Women and Children as Human Shields, and Its HQ Is Beneath Gaza's Largest Hospital
CBN News, 30.X.2023

Excuse me, but if IDF wanted some Gazawis dead, is there any doubt that they would claim the civilians were "human shields"?

[Found out my first comment had been deleted when I tried to add below follow up comment]

For instance about a week ago, a Christian hospital was hit.

Some first claimed it was the IDF. Others _then_ claimed that it was the Hamas which had fired a rocket which either missed or was taken down and fell on the hospital. Obviously, if that is true, the Hamas who were firing were not hiding in that hospital.

Then the claim that Hamas has its main base under a hospital ... is it so urgent to hit a main base that one needs to sacrifice the human shields? This is what I am speaking of:

"Hamas uses all three as cover for its operations in Gaza, including its main base underneath Gaza's largest hospital."

[from description under video]

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