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The Palestinians Began as Christian Jews, like the Mitsrahis Began as Non-Christian Jews

Jonathan Cahn Prophetic: The Israel-Hamas End-Time Mystery
Jonathan Cahn Official, 17.X.2023

3:53 While the Romans indeed slaughtered countless of Jewish people, the Hebrew population was not replaced by a mainly non-Hebrew one, or only briefly.

The Palestinians descend from the Christian and for the Muslim ones partly from the Mitsrahi part of these. From the 400's you have a Church -- some have labelled it a Messianic synagogue -- with inscriptions in Hebrew. Yes, I mean 400's AD.

4:40 No. The "followers of the way" were called Christians (Messianics?) for the first time by their enemies, on occasion of being hecklers.

A name given by an enemy is not always good, but not always bad.

The more probable reason is, Alexander had named the region Palaistina in reference to Philistines (by his time soundly assimiliated into the Jewish population) being relatives of the Greeks.

6:10 While the Muslim circumcision is not a valid Old Testament circumcision as sign of the covenant (and neither is any circumcision performed these days), the ones rejoicing were not "daughters of the uncircumcised" any more than Tel Aviv Israelis munching pop corn while Israel got rockets into Gaza a few years ago.

I find it probable that both Tel Aviv and Gaza are currently both heading for Hell. Apart from being on the territory of the ancient Philistines, it is also the territory of Dan -- the tribe that has no porch of heavenly Jerusalem.

9:13 "or a woke up call" (good catch!)

In fact, I do not put all that much trust in the left, and I have less trust in the right than I used to have.

But so far, the reaction is not giving me trust in Zionism.

I have said it before, I will say it again. Palestinian Christians and Palestinian Muslims are no more strangers to the land than Mitsrahi Jews are.

Sure, a contingent of Muslims from Algeria and from Circassia were made to reinforce the Muslim population in the 1860's, and some Jews, maybe Christians too were expelled, but there was one already there. You can say it was part of a larger one from the Euphrates to the Nile. Fine. The Christian population is also mainly part of a larger population from the Euphrates to the Nile. AND the Mitsrahi Jewish population also goes from the Euphrates to the Nile.

Do you know why? Because Christ already fulfilled Isaiah 11 and He did that 2000 years ago.

From the verse saying "and His Sepulchre shall be glorious" -- the rest is fulfilled after His death and resurrection, over the ensuing decades and centuries.

9:44 Was she perhaps not convinced that Hamas had done that?

I mean some Jews, even some Christian Jews, put doubt on Jews treating the throat of Simon as the throat of a passover lamb.

An examination of the corpse by city doctors determined that Simon had not died of natural causes but had been exsanguinated. In Hsia's view, "the narrative imperative, the official story of ritual murder, the trial record of 1475–76, represents nothing less than a Christian ethnography of Jewish rites".

Some have claimed that the Jews of Trent were innocent.

Some could claim that Hamas was innocent of the 40 children.

I must say the coroners' reports were at least better conducted in Trent than in Kfar Aza ...

10:57 In the Catholic Bible, this is Isaiah 9:10

The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with square stones: they have cut down the sycamores, but we will change them for cedars.

I suppose you are speaking of 9:11

And the Lord shall set up the enemies of Rasin over him, and shall bring on his enemies in a crowd:

W a i t, the 9-11 attack was more of "bricks" falling down ...

17:12 We disagree.
The prince of Persia was God's appointed guardian angel for Persians.

He wanted Jews held back in Persia so Persians could be converted and get to Heaven.

The conflict between Michael and him illustrates how two different outcomes of a thing will favour two different sets of people getting their best chances of salvation.

When I say "we" I mean the Catholic Church. The spiritual Israel. The repository of God's words including but not limited to prophecy.

17:24 There is in fact a demon of Persia too, since the bear in Daniel and the "feet of a bear" in the Apocalypse refer to it.

There are in fact two nations today it involves : Russia and Iran. Perhaps three, Afghanistan too.

20:35 October 6 1973 ... Yom Kippur War begins.

On October 6, I was celebrating the 19th anniversary of my arrival in Santiago.

They chose October 7 ... and October 7 1571 (not an exact anniversary, due to Gregorian Reform in 1583) was the Battle of Lepanto.

October 8 I had still not heard of the events, and I shared someone reading a poem on Lepanto.

Don John of Austria ... not the best day for the Turks, right?

10 000 Turks killed.
20 000 Galley slaves freed.

Speaking of which, miserable Gazawis have been acting as galley slaves to the Hamas, it would be lots better if one wanted to end it if IDF took measures to make itself a liberator for any Gazawi not carrying or being willing to give up without too much fuss, a weapon.

23:07 I think you refer to a prophecy which was fulfilled 1990 years ago.

The "nation once again" was the Church that Peter expanded when commenting on that prophecy, Acts 2. It's still here. It was there doing spiritual battles for its nations in 1571.

If you pray the rosary October 20 (the anniversary of October 7 1571), you may achieve sth good.

But I am not sure for whom. You see, Ashkenazi Jews, Russian Jews, are on my suspect list for the identity of Magog. In Apocalypse 20, Magog is identified as being on the four corners.

There are Ashkenazi Jews in Kamtchatka. There are Ashkenazi Jews in Sydney (as well as Singapore, if islands like the mainland island of Australia is out, or the other island Hobart on Tasmania). There are Ashkenazi Jews not so much in Cape Horn, but close by in Argentina. There are Ashkenazi Jews in Alaska.

And Ashkenazi Jews do have an Eastern European heritage which could involve heritage from Magog, genetically.

So, I'd obviously equally recommend any (if such) Muslim to read this ... if they convert and pray the Rosary they will do much good. Not sure for whom. I'd be happily surprised if killing Hamas chiefs didn't prevail over being decent to Gazawis ...

"centre of controversy"

The Catholic Church has been that very much 33 to 313. Resolved a controversy in its centre in 325. Was so again 337 to ... 379? 395? Not sure if I shall take the beginning or the end of the reign of Theodosius I.

Was so again when attacked by Arian Goths. Again by Muslims and by Saxons and by Vikings.

Again up to the present since the Reformation.

But can you believe, she was so at the height of Her power too?

Well, the Emperor who did penancy at Canossa had previously persecuted the Pope Innocent II he did penance before.

The King who was flogged in Canterbury Cathedral had previously, at least by clumsiness, at least contributed to killing St. Thomas Becket.

Some guys thought Boniface VIII was too mighty. The ensuing decades the Catholic Church was humiliated to make up for that, involving 70 years with a Pope residing habitually outside Rome (the current one resides in the Philippines, btw). And 39 more years with two Popes (there is an antipope or even more than one these times too, and the least Catholic of them is arguably the guy who resides in Casa Santa Martha in Rome).

The century between 1417 and 1517 obviously saw Renaissance attacks on Catholic morality, as well as a failure to rescue the Byzantines from the Turks by a Crusade. Enea Silvio who became Pope Pius II would certainly have liked to succour Constantinople in 1453. He couldn't. Princes refused to show up for a Crusade.

And, as since I already mentioned the Catholic Church has been the centre of controversy since the Reformation, I think this shows the prophecy was fulfilled basically from 33 to 2023 more than 90 % of the time.

Prophecy fulfilled.

24:01 As you mentioned demonic hatred of Jews in the Middle Ages.

There were certain areas where it was clustering. Notably the Alemannic area. An area which is today not Antisemitic, but infested with another demon, Protestant Anticatholicism.

In the First Crusade, there was a time with a few ugly moments, but it quickly stopped and was not repeated the following Crusades.

The one time that this was against the Jews as such mainly and outside this area, was the episode around Rex Rintfleisch. A man who has not been identified, a bit like Ku Klux Klan hiding under hoods, but the occasion is noteworthy.

Like 39 -- 45, it was a time when Germany had no King. The kind of King who used to be also Roman Emperor. 1298, Germany had no King. 1939 -- 45, Germany had no King -- at least not one elected by seven princes elector or "inheriting" as a Habsburg.

"It occurred in the Franconian region during the civil strife between the elected King of the Romans, Count Adolf of Nassau, and his Habsburg rival Duke Albert of Austria, when Imperial authority, traditionally concerned with the protection of the Jews, had temporarily collapsed."

"The Austrian Chronicle of 95 Seigneurs about 100 years later alleged that King Albert I finally had Rintfleisch arrested and hanged. The cities in which Jews had been killed were required to pay fines to the king."

24:41 I would like to know a bit more about the kind and occasion of Nazi death squads you speak about ...

Jewish villages being targetted for suspected support of the Soviets and then brutally executed for participation in Soviet crimes, even if the participation was as indirect -- as the Gazawi child cheering on the arm of her father -- yeah, I have heard of those. But you didn't mention the occasion, and I don't think this kind of thing happened even occasionally prior to the war starting in 1939.

26:13 "only in Him can you find your peace"

True enough.

And only in His Church can you find Him.

26:30 The prayer for the Arabs known as Palestinians is a prayer for God's ancient people.

They descend from the people who were 2000 years ago inhabiting the region : Jews, Samarians, Galilaeans, neighbours East and West to Euphrates and to Nile.

26:46 "remove Hamas and execute justice"

Noting that "justice" in Hebrew carries a notion of justice to the poor.

One will not permanently remove the organisation known as Hamas, unless one begins to be just to poor Gazawis. Bombs on Dresden did very little to remove Hitler. Troops with General Patton did more. The Marshall plan has done lots more than that to remove NSDAP fairly permanently from the German landscape (except the ones hiding as Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands).

27:20 Here is a comment on the verse Jeremias 31:36

Ver. 36. Ever. Like the Chanaanites and Ephraim during the captivity. Is. vii. 8. God restored the latter. Yet they are again dispersed from above 17 centuries, so that this perpetuity, which shall equal the world's duration, belongs to the Church. C. --- Israel remains, not in the incredulous Jews, but in those who with the apostles embraced and propagated the faith of Christ. S. Jer. W.

C = Challoner. A Catholic bishop for illegal Catholic priests sent to England. A nation which 1558 to 1830 was trying to wipe the Catholic Church out of the map.
S. Jer. = St. Jerome
W. = Worthington. Thomas Worthington, D.D. (1549 at Blainscough Hall, near Wigan, Lancashire - possibly 1627, at Biddulph Hall, Staffordshire) was an English Catholic priest and third President of Douai College.

27:46 If you take descendants physically of those who were hearing Jeremias, that includes the Palestinians.

29:05 The Roman Emperors were arguably the one restraining the mystery of evil already at work.

There has been none since WW-I or soon after.

And the 100 years from 1917 to 2017 have been fulfilling the prophecy of Pope Leo XIII, who saw a dialogue between Jesus and Satan.

Satan says to Jesus: “I can destroy your Church.”
Jesus replies: “You can? Then go ahead and do so.”
Satan: “To do so, I need more time and more power.”
Jesus: “How much time? How much power?
Satan: “75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service.”
Jesus: “You have the time, you will have the power. Do with them what you will.”

The demonic vision that inspired the St. Michael Prayer
Philip Kosloski - published on 09/25/17


Calke said...

RE "mystery of evil"

There is no objective need (but heaps of popular subjective self-serving WANT) to use fabricated ABSTRACT OTHERWORLDLY notions such as “satan” or “the devil” or "lucifer" to explain evilness on earth. There is no mystery of evil. There's only a lack of knowledge, true understanding, and denial of reality.

Evil on earth, which DOES exist abundantly, is explained coherently by EARTH-BOUND true reality, by GENUINELY acknowledging the 2 married pink elephants in the room... (or (again, there's no objective need, only subjective want, for OTHERwordly "mysterious" mythical concepts).

Fantasies have only ever distracted GENUINE truth-seekers from the true evil and so "spiritual" ideologies and religions (fantasies) have been helping to MAINTAIN evil on earth for thousands of years... The cited article above explains how this has come about, and continues...

Without the right understanding, and whole acknowledgment, of the true WHOLE problem and reality, no real constructive LASTING change is possible for humanity. And if you do NOT acknowledge and recognize the WHOLE truth YOU are helping to prevent this from happening..

"Separate what you know from what you THINK you know." --- Unknown

If you have been injected with Covid jabs/bioweapons and are concerned, then verify what batch number you were injected with at

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

While Satanic people certainly do exist, the existence of the devil is not a fable.

Your idea that it is not so is among the things you THINK you know.