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Hope's not over for the Jews but wiping out Palestinians is not it

What Christians NEED to Know About Israel-Hamas War
Wretched, 12 Oct. 2023

4:08 Well, the first Catholics were raised Jewish or — in Galilee — "Jewish lite" (as temple authorities remarked about Peter and John).

Palestinians, including Catholic Palestinians, do live in a Jewish zip code.

Can you see the connexion? I can.

4:40 There is a promise to secular authority in Romans 13.

Can you make a case that God somehow transferred the promises from George III to George Washington in 1776? Or can't you?

My case is, Jesus is the High Priest BUT He usually has a human High Priest as His vicar. Prior to Good Friday, that vicar was Kaiaphas. After Resurrection, that vicar was Kephas. Not the same person, not the same rite, Holy Mass is not an Aaronite sacrifice, and it would seem, not the same language. Kaiaphas is probably, and Kephas certainly, Hebrew respectively Aramaic for "rock" or for "stone" ...

THEN a certain prophecy about "end of exile" was actually fulfilled 50 days after the Resurrection. At least Peter thought so, and according to Luke, that means the Holy Spirit thought so too.

The Church is Israel, because the Church is Jewish. It contains LOTS of Gentiles as well, but those are ented in.

The Church was still referred to as Jewish in the 90's by St. John, and by Jesus talking to St. John on Patmos. By 100 however, St. John wrote a Gospel where he clearly recalled Jesus speaking of "Jews" as the correct successor people to the 12-tribe nation, to a Samaritan woman, but where he himself as narrator used Jews as shorthand for the enemies of Christ. Btw, Christ apparently didn't tell Nathanael he was a "true Jew" but rather "a true Israelite" ... Nathanael was obviously of the Jewish nation. As were all the first Catholics. And as Essenes had been before them.

5:15 It would seem that calling national ethnic Israel "the people of God" is like calling them "the olive tree" ... I think Romans 11 St. Paul says sth a shade different about Jews who are not believers in Christ Jesus. Cut off branches? Think so. Not despising them, by the way, St. Paul forbade that. Hoping Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta will be a Catholic in his and above all God's good time ....

7:01 As I recall the conversion of the Jews (from Jews in the sense used by John as Gospel narrator, to Jews as Catholics, what the King of the Jews Himself calls Jews, Apoc. 2 or 3) being a sign of the approaching day of Judgement, I would say Phil Layton's position is the more Catholic one.

8:38 How about bringing in some Catholic to demonstrate what I just said? Haydock on Romans 11 cites this sentence, credited to the man in the final parenthesis:

// Do not then be high-minded, nor boast, but fear, and endeavour to continue in goodness; lest God also spare not you, but cut you off, as unprofitable branches. And let me tell you, as to the Jews, if they abide not still in unbelief, God is able to ingraft them again into their own olive-tree; and it seems more easy, that they, who are naturally branches of the sweet olive-tree, should bring forth good fruit, when they shall be ingrafted in their own olive-tree, being of the race of Abraham, to whom the promises were made. (Witham) //

Haydock Bible 1859 is like Scofield Study Bible, but Roman Catholic.

Witham is a bishop who resided in Rheims (France) or Douay (Belgium), and who sent priests to England where they were often enough killed.

Now, "there is a future for Israel" doesn't mean they are free to wipe out Palestinians to get it, especially the Catholic Palestinians who are BOTH formally Israel (since Roman Catholic) AND materially Israel (since descended from the guys 2000 years ago who were the first Catholics, as well as from some of their first persecutors).

And just for the record, Muslim Palestinians are mainly the same nation as Christian Palestinians (or as Mitsrahi Jews) ... they just accomodated to invader Omar ... I think that's pretty clear about Hamas as it now is not going to remain their representative.

Note however, both Gaza and Tel Aviv are on the territory of Dan — the tribe absent from the gates of Heavenly Jerusalem.

9:05 Nor by Puritanism.*

Here is Aquinas on Romans 11:23

Si, inquam, hoc factum est contra naturam, quanto magis hi qui sunt secundum naturam, id est qui naturali origine pertinent ad gentem Iudaeorum, inserentur suae olivae, id est reducentur ad dignitatem gentis suae, Mal. ult.: convertet corda patrum ad filios, et corda filiorum ad patres eorum.

In se ren tur. Verbal stem in-ser (we get in-sert from the past participle of Latin), vowel E and then passive ending of 3 pl NTUR.

What is the conjugation?

īnserō (present infinitive īnserere, perfect active īnseruī, supine īnsertum); third conjugation

Ah, this makes the vowel E, not a mark of subjunctive, but of future indicative.

St. Thomas is making this as a positive statement of the future. Not as a wish, not as a conditional, but as a positive statement about the future

9:22 For the "nation and people of Israel" — obviously including Palestinians, for the reason mentioned.

* Todd Friel had remarked that the idea of Jews converting en masse in the end times was not the invention of 19th C Dispensationalists, correctly enough, but then gets no further back than to the Puritans.


Gabor Mate speaks about Palestine and Israel
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