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Reburial of the Kennewick Man

Creation vs. Evolution: Glacial Maximum and Younger Dryas? · Clovis and Monte Verde · Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere: Reburial of the Kennewick Man

This video got comments on the general topic of reburial, as well as specifically on Kennewick Man and finally his reburial.

Before that, it had sparked an article about the real dates of the Clovis and Monte Verde Finds, which is on Creation vs Evolution.

The Prehistoric Settlement of North America (A World Chronicles Documentary)
World Chronicles, 19 June 2021

20:43 When a European Royalty is dug up for diverse kinds of testing, like forensics about Charles XII (where the bullet came from) or so, they are reburied.

It would be a decent thing if museums having done the testing were after that giving the remains back to Native Americans for reburial.

21:04 Ah, the decency has been met in legislation, at least!

38:20 "between 9000 and 8000 years ago" ...

2399 B. Chr.*
0.570291 pmC/100, so dated as 7049 B. Chr.
2377 B. Chr.
0.584214 pmC/100, so dated as 6827 B. Chr.
2355 B. Chr.
0.596678 pmC/100, so dated as 6605 B. Chr.
2332 B. Chr.
0.609109 pmC/100, so dated as 6432 B. Chr.
2309 B. Chr.
0.621506 pmC/100, so dated as 6259 B. Chr.
2287 B. Chr.
0.63387 pmC/100, so dated as 6037 B. Chr.

This would mean, the skeleton had a diversity of carbon from between 2399 and 2287 BC -- just a bit more than a century of divergence, and could be explained by parts of skeleton being more affacted by a reservoir effect in the water or nutrition.

42:16 Oh, well, if he ate only fish, sea lions and so on, the carbon age is likely to be inflated by a few centuries. Instead of dying near 2287 BC, it's likely it was 2087 BC or even later, meaning in that case he could have been contemporary with Abraham.

If he had eaten mainly cereals he would have dated to c. 4000 or 5000 BC.**

45:05 God Bless the US for that Reburial!


* Extracted from:

Creation vs. Evolution : New Tables

** Relevant extract, rearranged as less spacious:

2198 BC
69.2256 pmC, 5248 BC
2175 BC
69.4483 pmC, 5175 BC
2153 BC
70.6677 pmC, 5003 BC
2131 BC
71.8838 pmC, 4881 BC
2108 BC
73.0966 pmC, 4708 BC
2086 BC
74.3062 pmC, 4536 BC
2064 BC
75.4934 pmC, 4364 BC
2041 BC
76.6964 pmC, 4241 BC
2019 BC
77.8962 pmC, 4069 BC
1996 BC
79.0927 pmC, 3946 BC

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