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Other Answer to Same (YEC)

Someone Thought He was More Merciful than God (not than the one he believes in, but than the One Who revealed Himself)Other Answer to Same (YEC)Breivik Didn't Kill Because He Believes God Will Send Muslims to Hell, He Killed Over Keeping Norway a Secular Society

How to keep your kids Catholic - or, at least, how not to
Kevin Nontradicath, 5 May 2023

0:46 Coincidence.

My mother actually raised me as a Young Earth Creationist. Once she had the opportunity to raise me.

And it ended up pretty heavily contributing to my becoming Catholic.

1:12 Would you mind telling me what ended up not convincing you?

Like, if I had had the notice of "Hell exists" from a flawed memory of the Sermon of St. Leonard of Port-Maurice, and nothing more, the fact that his numbers for the number of people who die each hour are way off might have given me reasons to disbelieve, at least apparent ones.

Obviously, you saved my faith in the sanctity of this saint, since it is clear that he was relying on info others had provided.

Let's include the people who die from spontaneous abortion, some estimate that most such happen before one even notices one is pregnant and one in four is born, three in four die before they are born.

According to the estimates of the United Nations, as of 2021, approximately 4.4 people are born every second around the world. This amounts to around 267 births per minute, 16,000 births per hour, and 385,000 births per day.

I think the pregnancy can for statistics purposes be treated as one moment even if it lasts nine actual months.

16,000 births per hour = 48 000 preborn deaths per hour.

48 000 + 6611 = 54 611

We are in fact starting, if that's true, to get to the numbers St. Leonard mentioned.

1:45 Did he believe in abiogenesis as well as evolution?

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati is a biochemist. He'd ask that priest about the chirality problem.

2:02 There was a time when Honorius very specifically permitted Sergius to believe that Jesus had only the divine will.

Even if, staying Pope, he didn't believe that himself and also didn't state he believed it.

He probably simply thought of will content, the divine and human wills not making opposing choices. He may have thought that was what he allowed Sergius to believe.

Now, if you heard of 1909, yes, a day age belief + strict biblical chronology after Adam was created, i e Adam really was the first man, and Adam really was created between 6000 and 7500 years ago, that is not heretical.

That is however very defunct as an attempt to harmonise Church teaching and modern science. The doctrine called modern science by now needs to go beyond that, as soon as Neanderthals are shown to have both clear traces of human behaviour and carbon dates into 40 000 BP, and older.

So, it's not feasible to appeal to 1909 as if that were enough.

However, the other option to God creating Adam directly as a biological and mental adult (apart from lack of experience, but this compensated by infused knowledge), namely God changing the nature between anatomical but not metaphysical and therefore not mental humans, and the offspring known as Adam, that was starting to get circulation c. 9 years before Humani Generis and at the same time the clergy abusing children started. At least from the report in these last years, in France, by a certain Sauvé. Romans 1 effect. If you ask me. The idea makes "God" a worse child abuser than the priests believing in such a "God" were or covered up for.

Plus, 1950 didn't explicitly state anything of a right to actually believe the non-traditional position.

2:29 What convinced you, apart from the "reliable authority vibes" of your teacher?

2:50 If I was raised as an Evolutionist when I was small, by mainly other members of the family than ma, and that was false, what else was false?

Your argument basically presumes that a turning around by evidence can only happen in your direction.

I have always known this was not the case. I have always known such and such a person other than ma had ditched Christianity.

I have always known my own story is not everyone's.

3:49 If everyone who survived born after the Flood had genetic changes, you could not actually discover this possibility by observations in our days.

3:54 ... will be done.

3:54 bis You pretend that 30 was a reasonable life expectancy back in 1770? Absolutely not for those who survived infancy. It may have been at most life expectancy at birth. If as much credit as that can be given to it.

But this is not the gene pool improving, this is small pox being eradicated. Obviously the patriarchs with gradually lower lifespans in Abrahams compared to Shem's time represent a sample involving children dying in small pox? They do that as little as royal genealogies, which give a fair view of life expectancy of a certain class, would involve that. Lewis XVI's father didn't die in small pox as a child. Marie Antoinette's mother also didn't die in small pox as a child. People who die in small pox as children don't get children, go figure!

Royal life spans (from back then and prior generations) have a median of c. 56 years. But didn't they have privileges which helped them live longer than most? On the very contrary! Their life style involved receiving people at court, and therefore being exposed to more contagion than most. Keeping a strong immune system involved the Salerno diet, which is a good way to avoid sick absence, but a bad way to avoid dying around 60 from cardiovascular. That's a trade off in medical priorities. Royalty also has a certain way of being more exposed to murder than some, Lewis XVI and his ancestor Henry IV being two examples.

So, to compare comparables in argument and refutation, you should have shown our genes improved our chances to live to older, and you definitely have not shown that.

My lists of non-royals (more typically people succeeding each other in non-dynastic positions, like university chancellors or cardinals of Saint Sabina, prior to Industrial Revolution) show a tendency to median death at 65, which is a higher age than for the more privileged royals.

5:43 You have again compared incomparables.

Perhaps you don't wish to say if and how your parents punished you, but that's what the paper would call for as relevant comparison.

Plus, are sneaky children always a bad thing?

Do sneaky children always end up rejecting the rule sets they were sneaking around on items when they were smaller?

6:21 I still don't hate writing.

I would certainly not hate writing if I got money for it.

Perhaps people who have that kind of idea have imagined they knew me better than I know myself. I don't think that's the case.

B t w, this is a warning, my comments come to a blog, below a link to your video, so do yours if you care to answer.

6:40 I can assure you, neither my devotions nor my belief is rooted in a "very severe fear of Hell" ... withholding assent to certain very idiotic steps, which would have ended or ruined my life, when I withheld it and managed to avoid them, that, by contrast has sometimes been so.

But people so priorising your pov over mine that they have held me back for years, well, they have sown a bitterness and resentment that even a very severe fear of Hell is not extinguishing.

6:55 I'm reminded of the people who use emotional manipulation about others and their reaction to me to keep me poor.

I mean, if you mean the kind of sneaky and backhanded manipulation your tone suggests. Simply appealing .. well, that's licit.

7:06 OK, why are you projecting yourself into the as yet non-extant children of a man whom people like Barron and people, if perhaps not like you, at least with your convictions, are stopping from having an income and therefore from having children?

While you complain about your parents' manipulation, why are you so toxic?

7:18 — 7:20
"but from my perspective and from the perspective of your kids"

Why do you equate them?

You can't know people who don't exist yet.

7:31 — 7:54
"and so if you try to use emotional manipulation like the fear of hell to get me to step off the train tracks not only is that not going to work that's actually going to strain our relationship and I've heard I've been on the receiving end of far more pernicious forms of emotional manipulation Beyond just the fear of hell"

I believe you. You have learned that.
A) you are manipulating your parents ("that's going to strain our relation")
B) you are manipulating your audience to believe their children will be you.

8:18 I happen to appreciate her video on one who got out (herself?) as the SSPX in that location were jerks.

She's less willing to tell similar stories from the other perspective.

9:21 Are you?

"Committed to truth more than to anyone religion or ideology"?

9:55 Now you are talking about valuing truth over your secure tribe.

I have certainly done that, to a great cost. More than once, to the time when "my secure tribe" was already a non-extant object.

10:31 That doesn't make unbelief good.

It also doesn't mean Cornelius' alms would have saved him without conversion.

10:45 I have seen many as intellectually honestly convinced of this, up to them opening their mouth.

Can you imagine whom I'm referring to?

11:30 Or some died when God saw no point in handing them yet another chance.

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