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Why I Prefer Medieval and Early Modern over Modern Modern (Including in Clothing)

Scientists Discover a Skull Unlike ANYTHING We’ve Ever Seen
Answers in Genesis | 14 Aug 2023

7:14 Swedish CPS stepped in after I had been homeschooled after being bullied.

They said, they weren't forcing me back to the school where I had been bullied (except a month at the end of the term), but either we chose between two schools (one with special needs, one a boarding school) or my mother would lose custody. I had my 15th birthday on the boarding school, and as I felt somewhat uneasy dancing a slow (in Swedish the name says how they are supposed to be danced, "tryckare" means "squeezers") with an otherwise pretty and nice Japanese girl, I got bullied for supposed homosexuality on the boarding school, where I could no longer turn to my mother.

I'm happy I phoned her, when I was offered membership as a DeMolay or sth (the dead late husband and the lover of a houseparent were both Freemasons), and mother told me, no, no secret society, Franco forbade those. She respected Franco, because he was also having no free abortion. But apart from that time, she had little opportunity to intervene.

The first two years at boarding school I was bullied even worse, a male friend who wasn't doing that got a reputation of being my "lover" ... Christianity was certainly hated by many on that school. A Jew bullied me 9th grade for my bashfulness (we have now made up), and a Kabbalist shocked me 10th grade with his bad theology. I entered the school as unbaptised Evangelical. I left it as baptised ex-Vangelical ex-Lutheran heading for Catholicism. Note, this was well before "Pope Francis" who reminds me of the worst theology in the Church of Sweden. But apart from getting better at theology, I also got lots worse in self esteem. CPS of Malmö, Social Democrats, under a PM Olof Palme, also Social Democrat.

Here is one man who's not for CPS and things ....

7:59 Me and ma were totally united about homeschooling, CPS was overriding both of us ....

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