Saturday, January 6, 2024

What was "Pope Francis" Discussing with Ghislaine Maxwell?

Epstein Documents: Pope Poses with Topless Ghislaine Maxwell? #pope #catholic

My comment here, first:

Michael Lofton exonerated him from being present when she was topless, but that's all.

So, given what she is known for, does anyone see it as somewhat suspicious that Bergoglio was seen with her at all?

Oh, I'm not speaking directly of the sex offenses.

I'm speaking of her father being involved in probably three different intelligence services: MI6, Mossad and KGB.* I hope I'll have the time to source it tomorrow or next week!/HGL

* I suppose it was already known as that back then? It was anyway past the time when it was the Cheka, I'm sure.

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