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Dimond Brothers are Unduly Puritan

Blog 37, on Auto Hypnosis Experience: LII - Hypnosis is not witchcraft (including concerts) · Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere: Dimond Brothers are Unduly Puritan

They consider Mark Goring in a diabolical fog, while they may be entitled to their opinion, I don't feel obliged to agree. Here is c. half of their video commented on, tell me in a comment under this post if the second half merits a watch as well:

“Fr.” Mark Goring Is In A Diabolical Fog | 12 Febr. 2023

Here are my comments:

2:20 How many Catholics over the centuries have had stories about Hercules among their favourite literary works?

Hercules was in those works (explicitly if by pagans or some Christians simply following the pagan storyline without according it doctrinal importance, sometimes implicitly, by people who did not mention it, but also did not mention any opposing opinion) a demi-god.

If you want a story about Hercules, you don't typically go to St. Justin who, correctly, said "Hercules was a strong man, but not (a) god" (Latin has no indefinite or definite article).

You go to Hesiod's "shield of Hercules", perhaps Ovid wrote sth too, some of the Tragedians did, and the Swede Stiernhelm* did. Most of those people made it clear that inside the story, Hercules is considered as "son of Zeus and Alcmena" whether they believed it or not.

If you are saying someone who has that kind of literary taste is in a diabolical fog, you have a problem. That's called Puritanism.

* "Hercules arla stod upp, en morgon i första sin ungdom"
(That's a hexameter, by the way, with longs taken as accented and shorts as unaccented - stod would normally be long, but it's unaccented in the phrase, before the adverb "upp").

3:55 It seems you have a problem with Puritanism.

It's as if any Catholic who went to waltz at any time were a sinner or a heretic, because St. Clemens Maria Hofbauer warned against going to waltzes on evenings you paid for it (which arguably in his time had connotations very close to going to a disco).

Can one waltz on a prom or at a wedding (among the guests) without damning oneself on your view?

7:00 No, hold my beer is used by a person who has been challenged he couldn't do sth difficult.

It could be dangerous (per se, not necessarily for the person, like tight rope walking), it could be stupid, but all that it implies is it is sth someone else hadn't considered one capable of doing.

"Oh, you put two darts next to each other, I'll be happy to get three darts next to each other"
(To be clear, most pubs where dart is played have customers very used to it, and the dart target placed so people going in or out to to the toilets are not likely to get in the way and dito for personnel serving the tables).
"I bet you can't"
"hold my beer"

Obviously, before you shoot darts (an art I haven't mastered), you need to put the beer on a table, or if you haven't one, to ask someone else to hold your beer.

Goring exonerated.

[three separate comments under the same time stamp]

7:11 If you hypnotise someone to fulfill something you then pretend to foresee in your crystal ball, or if you put viagra, opposite type of medication, or neuroleptics into someone's beer or coffee or whatever to control what he can or can't or must or mustn't do, or if you pretend to foresee some individual persons future from a gematria that is not in the Bible (btw, even 666 is just a warning sign, among others, it's not a prediction without appeal that so and so, for instance Putin or Charles III or your president or Bergoglio will be one of the two who land alive into the lake of fire in Apocalypse 19), or if you use trance states to contact spirits pretendedly from the dead or of nature, to get inspiration from such entities, or if you read tarot cards, with a serious expectation on both sides it will come true, you certainly fall under that condemnation.

Stage magicians, not so. If David Copperfield ever wants to become a Catholic, he may need to show a priest how he did certain things to prove he didn't do it by demons, but he would not have to give up his profession, he'd be under the patronage of St. John Bosco, as certainly as a beer brewer could at least in certain localities enjoy the patronage of St. Gambrinus. Not sure he's the only patron for beer brewers, btw (however, if the owners of Budweiser become Catholics, they'd need to repent of Mulvaney commercials, obviously, plus, Pilsner Urquell is a much tastier lager).

7:11 Please note the words by St. Alphonsus.
1) Simon used spells, i e incantations which are for instance used to call on demons;
2) he did it to deceive the multitudes, for instance it's probable love magic may have been involved, people who got laid when they wanted may have thought of him as divine ...

There is no serious deception involved in David Copperfield's tricks, he's not teaching a doctrine or (on the shows I know of, perhaps half or a third from your videos) to predict someone's future. A deception of the senses is not per se what St. Alphonsus is talking about. There are paintings from the Baroque where, someone is pointing a gun to those watching it. If you walk from side to side, you still see someone pointing a gun towards you. That doesn't fall under St. Alphonsus' implicit condemnation, nor does what David Copperfield is doing.

7:11 And by the way, Odin was not just a shapeshifter, but also did exactly what Simon Magus did, a few decades (perhaps as much as 120 years, probably less) earlier.

The timing is seen from the fact that his stepgrandson who was not deified (good job, better than Roman Emperors!) died in a vat of mead in the hall of Frothi Halfdansson, whom Snorri identifies with Peace-Frothi, the contemporary of Caesar Augustus. (Saxo disidentifies Halfdansson with the contemporary of Augustus, so puts Odin earlier, like times of Cyrus or Alexander).

If Odin was the Yeshu of the chapters concerning Yeshu's youth, in the Talmud (which is arguably still blasphemous about Our Lord at the Crucifixion), that would explain the kinship between Odin and Magus.

7:13 Yes, I've seen that video.

I agree demons exist, I don't agree David Copperfield is using them.

Are you taking money from him to marginalise me so he can keep an aesthetic of that type without being contradicted?

Because, marginalising me, you have certainly done so.

You have commented on lots of Catholic commenters, undisputed clergy, possibly sham-clergy, lay, Monseigneur Lefebvre, Mark Goring, Trent Horn.

With me it's like you are plotting with my enemies to keep silent about my existence, so, the suggestion about your receiving donations from Copperfield is actually an exoneration, if it were only true.

I think you have even commented on people just doing blogs, even if their persons are not shown live on the videos.

SUCH people have deprived me from a source of income, and helped to keep me in the street, despite work as a writer meriting otherwise. So, is your motivation a paycheck from Copperfield, or sth worse?

And if someone is desperately praying for me to correct my language, that may be the reason why I saw myself stating "holding a gun towards" when "pointing" is at least more idiomatic. Yes, I corrected that. But don't rely on immigrants or businessmen to pretend my Swedish is bad, though after 20 years it's out of date, I left the country, or on people in Russia trying to read me via google translate, or on people who can't differenciate between the idiom of the own sociolect and the grammar of the overall language!

7:48 Mother Teresa incidentally was a nun, not a pretended or real priest who could hear confession or preach the moral duties from the pulpit.

Some people consider Savonarola was a heretic, if that's your case, do you dis-canonise St. Philip Neri (confirmation saint of JRRT, by the way, the full initials, would be, and the monogram discretely suggests JRRPT), who considered him innocent and a martyr and a saint?

8:00 The statement is not necessarily wrong, as long as the situation does not call for a missionary effort.

If every interaction a Catholic (who's not a priest, in some cases even complete layman as myself), has with Muslims or Hindus calls for a missionary effort, then I am damned. I am not sacrificing myself to bring the Gospel to Muslims and Hindus in my neighbourhood, nor to the Jews in it. But also, if every interaction a Catholic has with them is supposed to be a missionary effort, Catholics not yet married in the neighbourhood need to stop all attempts at getting married, and direct all their efforts to converting the Muslims and Hindus.

8:12 It needs to be said that she was raised in her early years in the Ottoman Empire.

Her "lawful" probably reflects the kind of reticence the Balkan situation imposed. Catholic priests there, just as Catholic priests in Sweden, and perfectly in Communion with real Popes, who you consider such, were living that reticence and helping to impose it.

I actually left Sweden partly to be more free to speak out against prevalent errors in Sweden :

  • Atheism / New Age in a flowing spectrum
  • Lutheran modernism getting into that
  • Protestantism at its anticatholic or specifically uncatholic tenets
  • pretending the sexual morality of Christianity (specifically obviously Catholicism) is unfair to teens or homosexuals (I have said and say to this day: God's not the one forbidding teens to marry, the very secular state is, God's not forbidding homosexuals to marry, if they just thought outside the box of their own habits, as some of them actually did).

It's sad that some people try to make the Balkan a model, but it's a fact some parts of the world are already Balkanised.

I'm a layman. I live in Paris. Mother Teresa started her life in the Ottoman Balkans.

8:26 OK, let's suppose you are right at this point.

Let's suppose that Franco was right to give his father only opportunity for a Catholic death, not a Masonic one (the father being a Mason prior to dying).

Or let's stay between, say Francisco Franco was overdoing it, but just needed to leave his father the freedom to get whatever rites he wanted, if not living in his son's home, however, if he lived in his son's home, this son did not need to provide a Masonic brother and shouldn't have even if asked.

That makes Mother Teresa not canonisable, fine, but hardly proves any and everyone who endorses her is in a diabolical fog.

Was this supposed to be about Mother Teresa or about Mark Goring?

9:04 It can be here noted, Hindu idols, Roman idols and Carthaginian idols are not the same.

Also, that the council of Elvira was a local council, not binding on the whole of the Church.

Where am I heading? Well, compared to Roman Paganism, four religions were all of them Bacchus worship.

Jews and Christians, Hindus and Buddhists, to Romans, all of them were "worshippers of Bacchus" ... the reason probably being one, possibly both of the following

  • that each of these four prays in ways that involve calm trance states (a Roman pagan prayer to Zeus was a contractual transaction, not any kind of meditation)
  • that each of these venerated some kind of itinerant (in chronological order: Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Christ).

The latter is less probable, because that presupposes more of Romans being curious about non-Roman religions. But maybe Pausanias had a lot of readers, not sure.

I am not stating what she did was right, but I would say it hardly qualifies as participating in the specific idols available in Elvira in 305.

9:23 I'm hardly in the mood to watch clips with "Pope Francis" on Epiphany, stopping the video here.

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