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On Babel as a Proto-Type Earthly City

The Story of the Tower of Babel Explained (w/ Jerry Robinson)
True Riches Academy | 22.VIII.2017

As usual, I comment at diverse places of the video. First two links to posts of mine:

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4:03 "they stopped building the tower and they stopped"

Actually, it only says they stopped building the city. If the Tower of Babel was a rocket project, like the ones at Cape Canaveral and at Bajkonur, a continued building or projecting of the project could go on in other sites, independently of the city.

One probably actually continued doing the rocket project : observatories here and there like Stonehenge and Nabta Playa (both younger than Göbekli Tepe), Sumerian relief sculpture depicting Göbekli Tepe and Babylonians / Sumerians confusing Göbekli Tepe or the rocket up with Mount Hermon and the sons of God going down, Chinese experimenting with rockets, Greeks (and Aborigines of Australia) telling stories of heroes gone up to Heaven, Greeks telling a story of Giants piling Ossa and Pelion to conquer Olympus ... I think even Dream of Scipio by Cicero involves some kind of reference to a skytrip, herein possibly imitating a dialogue of Plato.

9:10 Pagan Babylonian ... first, he was a Hebrew.

Hebrews had "bailed out of" the Babel project. Hence they remained Hebrew speakers and they remained worshippers of the true God. If Thera was an idolater, he was an exception.

Babylonian, Ur of Chaldees ... well, if he was from the Ur that Woolley dug up, yes, he was in a very Classic sense either Babylonian or Sumerian (I'd say Sumerian, because Babylon was founded some time between Genesis 14 and Joshua's conquest, relating carbon dates of Amorrhite era to a carbon / Biblical date table, so Babylon did not exist in Genesis 12 - its precursor at Göbekli Tepe did no longer and Babylon as such not yet).

On the other hand, if he was from the Urfa also called Edessa, I am not sure Babylonian is quite an appropriate designation even geographically.

Woolley's Ur : 30°57′47″N by 46°6′11″E
Urfa : 37°09′30″N by 38°47′30″E - very close to Göbekli Tepe

11:03 A city whose guardian is God.

Nisi Dominus aedificaverit domum, in vanum laboraverunt qui aedifiant eam, nisi Dominus custordierit civitatem, frustra vigilat qui custodit eam.

13:17 A city built for the glory of man can be converted and be guarded for the glory of God - even to eternity.

Christians of Mossul mean, conversion of Ninevites under Jonah's preaching is still bearing fruit.

15:36 While both Canaan and the City have a curse, both Canaanites and Cities can convert and escape the curse.

A Syrian or Lebanese is not under the curse of Canaan if he is a baptised Christian.

A city is not under the curse you mention, if it is ruled according to the law of God (like Rome was up to 1870, when "Italy" invaded the city of Popes).

16:33 It is also true a converted city can fall again (or be inadequately converted) and be Babylon; the Pope and several other good Christians escaped one of the sacks of Rome, because they fled in time from the bad manners of chariot races and perhaps worse.

But once Rome had been sacked, once Popes decided there, and worldly power found it awkward, Colosseum was a homeless shelter of gigantic proportions - and the poor slept close to where the martyrs had "slept".

11:58 I wonder, are all of the cities we have all the time counterfeits?

Or have some cities, some of the time, been remodelled, partially and imperfectly, after the model of New Jerusalem?

Well, look at Matthew 28:[16] And the eleven disciples went into Galilee, unto the mountain where Jesus had appointed them. [17] And seeing him they adored: but some doubted. [18] And Jesus coming, spoke to them, saying: All power is given to me in heaven and in earth. [19] Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. [20] Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.

I think I saw something like "teach ye all nations" in there, and some of them had cities, both Greeks and Romans, both Cretans and Egyptians ... so, if we accept Christ gave power to the Apostles with successors to fulfil this, and I do, this means some cities have been cleaned up.

Someone the other day considered it so cool the Khazar Khagan Bulan Khan became a Jew ... I think Constantine, Clovis and Volodymyr of Kiev, to name a few are even cooler. Rome became, Paris remained, Kiev became a Christian city.

This obviously also means, real freedoms have been added to cities, as they converted to Christianity (and taken away again, as they fell into the hands of the enemies of Christendom).

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