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On some confusing me with a National Socialist - questions to the Yad Vashem and one victim-survivor

Updates may come, for now my questions:

Video A
Holocaust Survivor: America Does Not Run Concentration Camps
Daily Caller | 1.VII.2018

Sole Q
Some people call me a Nazi.

Now, I am more or less, a Fascist. I like Mussolini with reservations (best before 1938, OK), Dollfuss and Schuschnigg, Franco and Salazar. But Hitler should have stuck to painting.

How do you consider the guys who term me a Nazi?

Question mainly to David Tuck.

Video B
Roots of Nazi Ideology
Yad Vashem | 13.III.2016

Would you consider Christian Anti-Judaism or Eugenics the worse between the two contributors to National Socialist ideology?

Between Mein Kampf and Mythus des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts on the one hand and Father Seipel's Wirtschaftsethische Lehre der Kirchenväter, 1907, and Nation und Staat, 1916, which do you think are likeliest to do physical harm to Jews in personal non-public interests?

Note, I am not against for instance sacking Jews from or Muslims from public service, if it is deemed the minority abuses such positions to do harm to non-criminals just because no fans of ... Jews or Muslims.

By the way, T4 in Austria, didn't it start AFTER Anschluß, AFTER Austrofaschists had largely been replaced by National Socialists (except Zeiß-Inquart who changed role and who repented before getting hanged in Nuremberg)?

And didn't it partially end because Catholic clergy (notably von Galen) and a Calvinist judge protested?

And if Catholic clergy were less eager to protest against the internment of Jews into camps, wasn't it because they were partly themselves targetted and partly preferring to help Jews in secret?

Like the bishop and Franciscan father Ruffino Niccacci in Assisi, who, at least the latter, I think, has a tree in Yad Vashem, earned in times which I would consider not just Mussolini after his best before date in 1938 (the day before he signed Carta della Razza), but Mussolini as a poor puppet?

Just so we are on the same board, Anschluß was March 12 1938.

I seem even to be wrong on T4 actually ending ...

"In October 1939 Adolf Hitler signed a "euthanasia note" backdated to 1 September 1939, that authorized his physician Karl Brandt and Reichsleiter Philipp Bouhler to implement the programme. The killings took place from September 1939 until the end of the war in 1945, during which 275,000 to 300,000[a] people were killed at various extermination centres located at psychiatric hospitals in Germany and Austria, along with those in occupied Poland and the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (now the Czech Republic)"


So, if I was wrong on von Galen and that Calvinist judge successfully ending them (but there was a suspension in 1941, it seems), I would have been right in the horror beginning after Austrofascism was well out of the way and Hitler could do what he liked in Austria (under Austrofascism, he had been banned from the country, as were many of the higher ranking National Socialists except when serving prison).

Or did I miss sth?

It seems some people consider Creationism as a support of Racism and also of Nazism - I get the feeling you do not agree?

I mean, you mentioned Darwin, but not for instance Samuel Wilberforce, among these roots of National Socialism ???

Video C
Mass murder of the Jews of Miropol
Yad Vashem | 20.III.2018

Sole Q
Did I get it right that brothers were in the Red Army?

Can this mass murder have been an act of retaliation, since Red Army had murdered Ukraineans? ...

Partial answer
... Can one identify a real other root of National Socialism as the idea of being back in the bronze age and taking revenge like Neoptolemos on Priam or related?

I mean, Germans were the big archaeological experts on the bronze age. Ishtar Gate of Babylon - in Berlin. Deciphering Hittite - done by a German.

It seems some may have been more "in tune" with that than with Classical or Christian times. Could be due to dechristianisation (very largely) of Protestants, in belief if not in Church visits.

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...

The Assisi Network

Assisi is the home of Francesco di Bernardone – St. Francis of Assisi – the founder of the Roman Catholics' Franciscan and St. Clare (Poor Clares) Orders. As such it is a most meaningful place for Roman Catholics. No Jewish community was ever known to exist in Assisi. Paradoxically however, the only time in history when there is record of Jews living in Assisi is during the Holocaust, when the town and its churches, monasteries and convents became a safe haven for several hundred Jews.

Shortly after the German occupation, when the man-hunt for Jews began, the Bishop of Asssisi, Monsignor Giuseppe Placido Nicolini, ordered Father Aldo Brunacci to head the rescue operation of Jews and to arrange sheltering places in some 26 monasteries and convents. The Bishop went as far as to authorize the hiding of Jews in such places that were regularly closed to outsiders by the monastic regulations of the "clausura". The Committee of Assistance Monsignor Niclolini had put in place and presided over transformed Assisi into a shelter for many Jews; others who were passing through the town were provided with false papers enabling them to survive in other places.

After the war Father Brunacci described the Bishop's resolution in face of danger:

"I will never forget how insistent those threats were, yet how determined the Bishop remained. He would not let anyone intimidate him from performing what he, as a pastor, was required to do. I recall very well the strength Monsignor Nicolini showed in the face of repeated alarms of the 'big shots' who ...

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