Monday, July 2, 2018

La Tarasque as a Dino Species ...

Miscellaneous Myths: The Tarasque
Overly Sarcastic Productions | 25.VI.2018

What was the description of the Tarasque, again?

Could it be a dino?

Head of a lion
Shell of a turtle
Tail of a scorpion
Legs of a Bear
Body of an Ox

One could relate to Ceratopsian (the combs around face looking like a lion's mane) or Ancylosaurus (tail of a scorpion presumably referring to shape of a tail ending in a club like part).

Shell of a turtle, legs of a bear and body of an ox would fit either.

St Martha recommending NOT to kill it probably would so too, since palaeontologists would conclude for both Ancylosaurus and Ceratopsians that they were veggies.

Townspeople could have fed it hay or even small branches of vegetation, or used it to trim the hedges.

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